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How To Attract And Retain Millennials

Millennials are a very different kind of generation, one that is not entirely motivated by a paycheck when it comes to choosing their job. For millennials, other things count as well, like a pleasant working environment, the presence of opportunities, the possibility to learn something new, and the chance to pursue their passions as well. But this doesn't mean that millennials are professional slackers and are not capable of reaching great levels of performance at work. On the contrary, even if they are not always working overtime, they know how to use their time at work in an efficient manner, doing everything they have to do and even more. Millennials are not afraid to think outside the box and look for solutions where others don't. So, it is worth the effort to attract and retain millennials at your company? Yes, it sure is, as the representatives of this generation are talented, eager to achieve great results, passionate, and innovative. But, as you are about to find out, attracting and retaining millennials is not an easy task. Thus, the following pieces of advice may come in handy in your recruiting process.

Offer opportunities, not just a good paycheck

As mentioned before, millennials are not attracted only by financial advantages. While an attractive paycheck will get their attention, you will have to do more if you want to keep a millennial in your company for years to come. Millennials love seeing opportunities coming their way, giving them the possibility to really test their skills and abilities and add more experiences to what they have already experienced. Thus, giving them the chance to work in various departments in your company, if they would like to, or travel abroad and work there, is one way to make a millennial want to work for your firm. So, as you can see, millennials are very different from other employees, and they are not afraid to take in a challenge. In fact, they look for challenges as they will want to push their limits and see what they are capable of.

Work on developing a positive culture in your company

Millennials are not the people that will accept working in isolation or in environments with high levels of stress. Sure, they like to walk around with earbuds in sometimes. They would more like to feel they are part of a team, where each has his or her role and purpose. At the moment, improving workplace cultures is hot topic. A workplace culture certainly informs prospects whether the working environment of a company suits them or not. It's a chance for both the prospect and employer to see if the other is a fit. For example, millennials won't have a problem working in a start-up, even if the paycheck is not that great. The more attractive quality is being a part of the close-knit culture practiced by these companies. In a start-up, everybody collaborates for the wellbeing of the company. Communication in these cases is effective, and colleagues are more willing to help each other. Change the workplace culture of your company and you will have no problems in attracting / retaining millennials.

Focus on diversity as well

If you want to have more young people among your employees, then you should not be afraid to promote diversity. Hire people from all kinds of backgrounds, if they have the right set of skills. Millennials love working with people from all over the world, sharing ideas, opinions, and experiences. Diversity is one of the factors that contribute to a pleasant workspace. Promoting diversity shows young people that your company is a tolerant workplace, focused on performance. They want to see companies hiring the best persons for the job - based on their training, education, talent, and skills. Create such a reputation in the job market and you will naturally attract Millennials.

Make sure you give millennials a purpose

Millennials are looking for jobs that make them feel fulfilled from a professional point of view - not just add to their bank account. Because millennials are not typically hurrying to start a family, they have the freedom to turn down a job that doesn't also provide a sense of purpose. This is why a good paycheck is not sufficient to lure millennials into your company. When they come to work, they need to feel like being part of a mission, knowing that they have a purpose, and a goal to reach. Giving millennials the chance to use their skills and passions in pursuit of a purpose is the best way to retain them as employees for many years to come.

Reward and incentivize

Millennials especially enjoy employee incentives and rewards. The "gamification" of workplace goals works really well with this crowd. Always out to achieve, they tend to have a particular affinity for the gamesmanship and high energy approach incentives and rewards can provide.

Act as a coach for your employees

Millennials prefer a manager that does not hesitate to guide them and coach them, allowing them to learn and develop while working. But, at the same time, do not act as a micro manage, showing them trust in their abilities and giving them the freedom they need to show what they are capable of. If you turn into a mentor, then millennials will want to work for you and follow you no matter what goals you set for your business. As mentioned before, Millennials like being challenged, but they also need a good working environment and someone to guide their steps when needed. In return, they will do exceptional work for your business. It really is not such a hard task to attract and retain millennials if you take into consideration what matters for them and what gets them motivated.