Instagram- Overtaking Facebook As A $10 Billion Business

Jun. 05, 2018 4:39 AM ET
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Of all the social media platforms available today, Instagram is the clear frontrunner. Compared to its parent company, Facebook, Instagram is on track to be worth an excess of $10 Billion by next year. What's responsible for this seemingly excessive growth? Between the connectivity with Facebook, the ease of conducting business on the social media giant's platform, and the opportunity of almost unlimited marketing; Instagram is the guiding blueprint for today's everchanging and ever-demanding social media highway.

Facebook offers a wealth of knowledge to advertisers looking to break into the Instagram market. Because the two platforms allow easy access to one another's user data, the simplicity of getting a target marketing message out in the social media world is made easier than trying to break into Twitter or Snapchat individually. Doing so would be costly and unwise from a business perspective. The ease of Facebook and Instagram being connected allows advertisers to stretch their budget for target messages while being able to get the most out of what they put out Advertisers are able to reach an unbelievable amount of users for a fraction of the cost, allowing them to achieving their marketing goals.

Businesses have the benefit of being able to use a recently added feature of Instagram: Business Profiles. This feature speaks directly to the niche market looking to expand in social media. Using service like your business profile will grow extremely fast. When you take into account the fact that Instagram is one of the top social media platforms available, only behind Facebook and Google owned platforms, businesses are primed to strike this avenue to reach the 800 million plus users of the platform. Instagram offers a world of possibilities for business growth and expansion that hasn't otherwise been seen, and their foresight to pull these businesses in with a special service speaks to their foresight and understanding of how important they are to the market.

With Instagram set to become a billion-user business in the near foreseeable future, marketers are taking advantage of the hype and doing what they can to get the precious ad space made available on the platform. The ability to reach that many users with a single ad is appealing to any advertiser. This push for the real estate will firmly place Instagram, along with Facebook, as a formidable force in the advertising field and undoubtedly keep Instagram at the top of that list for years to come. And if Instagram can continue its' innovation and keep the advertisers rolling in the door, they will be set to reach heights not yet thought about.

Instagram, in its short lifespan, has exceeded expectations beyond what was ever thought possible. Facebook investors hit the jackpot with the creation of Instagram, and will continue to reap the benefits of this powerhouse platform. Its instant popularity and ability to keep advancing the platform are testaments to the staying power it will exert in the future. Without a doubt, Instagram is no where near done reaching its potential, and will continue to push forward with innovation and creativity we have not seen.

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