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How To Run A Personal Background Check On Yourself

It is not mandatory in law to have background checks on you but they are very much required in many areas which involve one’s personal or private information which includes employer companies, insurance companies, and healthcare and in some cases when travelling internationally.The results of your background checks gives one an insight and deep information about you and this triggers correct and informed decision making.Background checks assist so much in determining the candidates or individual’s past mistakes if any, the moral and financial fitness and the character which helps in pinpointing the individual’s risk level for safety and security reasons.

What is included in Background Check?

To conduct a background check, one requires the basic information of an individual like the name, social security number, government issued document number and the date of birth.The following is the information which is basically included in the background check;

  • Criminal records
  • Court records if any Education records
  • Credit records which includes also bankruptcy
  • Driving records
  • Drug test records
  • Past employers
  • Character references
  • Personal references
  • Sex offender lists
  • Social media profiles
  • State licensing records
  • Medical records
  • Criminal Records

This is the part of the background check where a search on any criminal activity or history is done on the criminal files from the authorities.In this background check, the following information is sought or revealed;i) Court records and arrests made which includes decrees, dockets, judgments and orders.ii) Warrantsiii) Convictions of sex crimes, felonies and misdemeanors.iv) Marriages and divorcesv) Current phone number and home address and within the past ten or more yearsvi) Age and date of birthvii) Tax liensMost people often think that all these information is just stored in one place but that is not the case and to have this background check on yourself, you must be ready to source all these information from very many databases in various offices.In essence, various information comes from different government levels. For example to get the information for sex offences, you have to check in the sex offender registry which is in the state level, while the felony criminal history can be done in the county level. This clearly shows that it is not a one day issue or one office issue but involves many processes.

Reasons for running a personal background check

There are many reasons why one has to run a personal background check. They are as follows;Job applicationEmployers require the potential candidates to have a clean record mainly in the criminal records side so that they can be assured of employing someone who is genuine.MisinformationIt quite in order to have your own background check so that you can know exactly what is in the authorities records especially criminal records. This will allow you to know whether there is a miss somewhere or any misinformation that can lead to future embarrassments.ConclusionA personal background checks can be run to a certain and know what records about you. It is important first to know where each background checks' information can be found before embarking to do it. And after knowing all, it is easier to do the check and get the full information about yourself that can help you in the future or at the moment.