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Consider Introducing A Single Tax System In The Country

Islamabad: Federal government fiscal year 2017-18 budget in the country's economic growth, more jobs and increased tax receipts and exports of creating more opportunities started to review the 8-point agenda.

With the federal government's next budget preparation to being consultation with relevant stakeholders and consultation in relation to various stakeholders of the Federal Board of Revenue (NYSE:FBR) sources reviewed budget in recent high-level meetings,These consultative meetings should be included recommendations Keeping that in mind these 8 tips to make the federal budget for next fiscal year, the federal government from stakeholders which have been proposed on the basis of 8 points for economy economy's growth momentum will increase with the increase in tax revenue would be faster and exports and will also create jobs.

According to sources, the federal government has begun to review the 8 points-based suggestions and this for next week's FBR Headquarters has summoned a high level meeting to review the budget proposals.

'Express' to open the 8-point agenda According to the document has been asked by the federal government to tax laws should be made more simple and easy, and the federal and provincial levels to different types of tax deductions for systems from different institutions to review, be made easier for taxpayers to tax payments difficulties to save the system,Federation and to connect the provincial tax collection system, various tax agencies and to eliminate red tape by ministries and federal provinces to the authorities instead of reducing the cost of doing business to the introduced unitary tax collection system, Files will be pressing instead for legislation to ensure the fastest clearance so if it comes to any investor money it easier to complete the process required for business, FBR talent and technology of vacuum skin be, be arbitrary aktyarkm tax authorities.

Sources suggest zyrgurhyn meeting next week and will be launched in the short to finalize the tax tips from the March listing will further consultation with stakeholders and viable proposals will be made part of the budget. Search Engine Optimization

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