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Printing Carbon out of Thin Air

Copenhagen is close to an end, and the USA is offering a hollow carrot.
If you go back to this Washington Post article by the man of the future, Peter R Orszag, you will see he wrote that Carbon Credits will suddenly create a new commodity, that will be worth 100 billion a year. That can be given away or sold by the Government.

Well President Obama, is offering that round figure right now in Copenhagen to those poor poor, industrious countries, poor little loves.  In the hope that once they start on this freebie of Carbon Credits, they are not allowed to ever stop. In their  new carbon tax future, they will have to buy their Carbon Credits, but that's not what's being talked about is it. This conference is all about saving Polar Bears.

I  don't agree with the Carbon Trading scheme, and really don't agree with  this type of shallow diplomacy. This new tax, this new hollow commodity. But sadly it is very much a historical hollow carrot from the US government. This is very saddening to me as I just adore the USA. But the US government is just so damn tricky!!!!

Have a Merry Christmas.

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