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How Did We End 2018?

How Did We End 2018?

As trading for 2018 has concluded, it is worth taking a look at assets from 30,000 feet to see where the best and worst performance for the year came from. 

The following tables are sorted by year-to-date performance. 

Only three US equity sectors finished in the green this year. Healthcare (XLV), utilities (XLU) and consumer discretionary (XLY) rose 5.8%, 3.8%, and 1.3% respectively in total return terms. 

Homebuilder stocks (ITB), oil & gas (XOP), and regional banks were the worst performers on the year, falling 31.2%, 28.2%, and 19.5% respectively. 

Short-term bonds (SHY) had the best return in US fixed income, rising 1.5%. Emerging market bonds (EMB), investment grade credit and ultra-long duration fixed income all declined on the year. 

The commodity complex was red all year. Gold (GLD) declined roughly 2% this year as oil plunged late in the year, finishing lower by over 19%. 

Asset Class Performance Table (Stocks & Bonds):Source: YCharts, EPB Macro Research

International markets, on average, performed worse than the US market over the entire year. Towards the end of the year, international equities have started to outperform but taking 2018 as a whole shows larger declines internationally. 

Turkey was the worst performing international market, declining more than 40% in 2018. 

Asset Class Performance Table (International Stocks & Currencies):Source: YCharts, EPB Macro Research

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