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Burlington Word On The Street; Takeover Of Nuance Is Imminent

|Includes: Nuance Communications, Inc. (NUAN)

Whispers on the wind are growing louder that Apple is returning to finally take a bite out of NUAN.

With other vultures circling over the undervalued company it is only a matter of time before one swoops in for the kill and extracts the market dominance, proprietary technology and patents and also releases some of the massive unlocked value in the Burlington-based Nuance, whose takeover looks imminent.

Who actually steps up to the plate, in the end, is not a major concern for the long-suffering Nuance shareholders. Neither is it of so much importance if the deal actually happens or not. We have all been down this familiar road before and it led to a dead end then. Maybe this time will be the same, but one important fact to remember about the previous experience is that the value of the shares rose substantially as the takeover rumors swirled.

Those looking to jump on the train leaving Burlington station and take the ride to the top of the hill should get on board now before it leaves the station and the opportunity passes.

Takeover or not, Apple or not, Nuance shares have a good chance of seeing some dramatic gains over the short term with some hopeful souls believing that the share price could double. Personally, I don't feel that optimistic but 60 or 70 percent in the next few weeks is quite acceptable to my pocketbook. Maybe using the profits for a Caribbean vacation or a new addition to my vintage muscle car collection this summer is in order. I already know which side of that decision my wife is on. The only question is, will it be St. Barts or will the profits stretch to visiting Richard on Neckar Island again? It has been a while, I wonder if he still remembers us?

Anyway, I digress, spending money before it's in the bank is not my usual style but something about the rumors this time have got me all excited. Rarely does that still happen in my ever advancing years without medicinal intervention and I am not one to let opportunities like this pass me by. You only live once and the chance to double dip into the Nuance money bank is one that is too good to miss. I will be on that train as it climbs the hill to profit and by the way, there are still some spare seats available!

I now something of the rapid developments in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition and all the other alien, to me, technologies that Nuance is leading the way in. I see my granddaughter talking to her friend Siri and understand that technology is moving in that direction and the implications for the integration of such developments is mind-blowing. Talking cars are about as much as I can handle and in my opinion, a handwritten note says a whole lot more than computer generated dictation ever will. I do understand that for busy doctors, law enforcement and the like, the time saved by using speech technology is a huge deal. Computers calling me from call centers is not something I am looking forward to as dealing with "real" human ones is tiresome enough.

This ever-developing technology is not really being aimed at me or my generation, it will, however, change the lives of my grandchildren into something my early youth would not recognize I am sure.

However, great future technology will be and the benefits it will bring does not affect my current decision-making process one iota. I am not marrying the stock, one wife at a time is more than enough for me, a simple spring affair is on the cards though, an affair that won't take much time and not lead to costly divorce settlements is my preference. More of a flirtation really.

After the train has reached the top of the hill and I have gotten off and my profits are safely in the bank, or in Richard Branson's, the future of Nuance will no longer be on my mind.

In summer, as I sip my cool refreshing drink with the waves gently lapping at my feet I will raise a glass in toast to the Nuance rumor mill and reflect on how history does, in fact, repeat itself and I will have made my second killing on the same stock, on the same rumors, whether the Burlington-based Nuance, whose takeover appears imminent actually happens, or it turns out to be just another whisper on the wind.

Cheers to Nuance