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How Many Dollars Will The Bitcoin Be Worth?


In the future bitcoin will not be measured in USD

Digital currencies will ultimately overcome all present major obstacle.

In the past large screens TVs (projectors type) were very popular despite of its enormous size and expensive prices.

let’s assume we still own one of these projectors type TV and we want to exchange it for a state of the art 60 inch 3D tv, how many Televisions would we need?

100? 1,000? 100,000? there is literally no amount which will equal the price of a new television.

 Over the past few months I have been hearing constantly that the digital currencies market is a bubble. This opinion is based over the unstoppable ICOs stream and the thousands of percentages rise in bitcoin prices.

the general state of mind is that it's only a matter of time before the "government" or the "big banks" will decide to spoil the party.

the way I see it, just the mere  state of mind which suggests that the government and banks would want to ruin parties or destroy any technological achievement which might benefit the economy or mankind is actually the reason why digital currencies are so crucial for our future and the reason for the astonishing rise.  

the technological achievements from the past 20 years are indicating that digital currencies are the next stage of our economy's monitory and technological evolution but in order to do so it needs to break through 3 obstacles: the state, the banks and ourselves.

The State:

I don’t want to burst the conspiracy bubble but the modern state is privatizing more public services than ever before. If that is the case won't it privatize the responsibility for the financial system as well? As territorial financial beings, the states has proved itself as uncappable of maintaining a long term stable positive balance.

As evidence, you can observe the current global "currencies wars" which means that every state is trying to crash the value of its currencies through either QE or interest rate decrease.

changes in the value of currencies is one of the main reasons for the majority of the financial bubbles and markets failures.

The Banks:

True, the usage of digital currencies turn brokers and barters such as banks to become redundant.

Never the less, for centuries banks have been yearning for the ability to print money with minimum regulatorily restrictions. If that is the case the medicine is better than the sickness. To this day banks have been using financial alchemistry known as "reserve ratio" which has allowed banks to lend money based on its capital. By using digital currencies tremendous opportunities are now available to the banks by.    

The Individual:

"people would have a hard time trusting money which is not backed by the state" people are saying.

the way I see it one of the most interesting sociological changes we have experienced is our new ability to convert social-digital values into monetary values- "Likes", "Followers", "Mailing list", "Users", "Clicks" and so much more have today an almost exact financial value which the majority of us can estimate although these values have very little meaning in the "real world". Today's money is no longer the equivalent of "time" or "production ability".

In the present money is the ability or the agree or consent with another individual, just the innovation digital currency has delivered to the world.

Let's find the answer to our televisions example from the beginning of this article:


that's because old television use different types of technology which we have come to accept.

Both Bitcoin and the U.S Dollar use different types technological debt:

State backed "Fiat" money as oppose to digital code based money.

I believe that using a state backed currency in 10 years would seem to us as writing a check is today.

So how many Dollars bitcoin is worth?  100? 1,0000? 100,000?

My guess is that a few years this question would be irrelevant…

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