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Gold for Bears: Panic Crash Setup is here

I really don't have much time posting analisis on the web right now, but it is my dutty to warn about a possible crash in precious metals, the setup is very good. The wedge is so nasty, that we can witness a huge crash in price from a daily chart's perspective. On the montlhy it would be just an impulsive (first) wave down hitting on the support, pretty normal stuff.

If the crash happens, we are going to do a monthly retest to the 1300 area, because it never starts a downtrend without a retest, so a lot of retail investors will be shaken out by this crash and later buy when the suckers rally reaches its top (the 'return to normal' phase of a bubble blow off)

panic crash in silver

panic crash in gold

I am back to my projects, my consulting firm will be releasing a new internet website in july, a very interesting project, can't tell anything right now, it is a secret
 until we release.

positions: short silver averaging at 36.19, wish me luck.