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You'll this particular brand of hash smoking periodically @cerebrus7 . It is my designation for malevolent, corrupted, parasitic horseshit. And the people we trust with our Economy are the primary constituents.

I use @Goldman a lot bc I have invested the majority of my tactical research in their reprehensible products. I have posted an article here that gives my analysis of the latest developments since tyler durden at zeroHedge posted a revolutionary announcement that @Goldman was selling a CDO by a different name which is of course just the Spider pregnant with high risk, falsely "diversified" eggs loaded with slimy bad debt.

I think that's enough reason to hate but many other thieves are engaged in this false market. A simple google search not for "BTO" because that brings up a lot of fluff about "The Big Short" (revolutionary film and a cinematic masterpiece but necessarily reductionist) but search "bespoke portfolio" and suffixes like managment, managers, etc. and you will quickly assemble a list of robber barons and their shills and patsies. These are the men plotting, sometimes ignorantly, the next financial crisis and if the Boolean Curve is any indicator it won't be long.

Capt. Ely; gdrillaFUnd

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