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One Of The Best Biotech Stocks Of 2018 So Far

|About: Endocyte, Inc. (ECYT), PSA

The biotech sector has been known to produce enormous profits for investors.

Some of The Cheap Investor’s superstar winners include:

  • ACADIA Pharmaceuticals skyrocketed 4,851%
  • Bradley Pharmaceuticals jumped more than 2,951%
  • Celator Pharmaceuticals was up 1,635%
  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals soared 2,467%

Those are life-changing returns...

And opportunities for similar fortunes are there for the taking.

In fact, opportunity can present itself in some of the most beaten down biotech stocks that others unfairly overlook.

Look at Endocyte Inc. (ECYT) for example.

In August 2017, we recommended the stock at $1.43 a share, near its historic low. While other investors chose to ignore the stock, we were intrigued by its CAR T-cell bi-specific adaptor molecule designed to simultaneously target both tumor cells and tumor-associated macrophages, which contribute to disease progression by interfering with natural anti-tumor immune responses.

Believing in its potential, we recommended the stock and simply waited.

Less than a year later, the stock has soared to $17.47 for a potential return of 1,122%.

The best part -- there may be further upside remaining.

In fact, these days, the big story driving the stock is its lead candidate 177Lu-PSMA-617, which produced a 50% reduction in the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in 62% of patients. Another 44% of patients had a PSA reduction of 80% or greater.

As for its CAR-T therapy, in the fourth quarter of this year, the company plans to submit for approval to treat patients with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

Granted, clinical stage biotech stocks like ECYT can be risky.

However, given recent study results, it’s a good bet that ECYT could see further upside.

Stay tuned to The Cheap Investor for more on this stock, as well as other hot up and coming biotech names with similar 1,000%+ potential.