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WE ARE ON TRACK. Stay With Fixed Income / Growth, Not The Other Way Around.


Inversion set the stage for the first rate cut since the 2008 recession.

The FED is doing the right thing.

This may just be the beginning; we may see new lows for the 10 year.

A history of rate cuts:

A Bloomberg follow up to the firs cut in 10 years:


Powell Suggests Fed Embarking on 1990s-Style Mini Easing Cycle

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell hearkened back to the central bank’s 1990’s policy successes by suggesting he can sustain the record long U.S. economic expansion with just a modest reduction in interest rates.​

Source: Bloomberg

I like the 1990's scenario for investing, albeit not from about 1994 to early 1995... that was a difficult time for nearly all investment ideas.

The FED just set the course. We are on the right track by focusing on income and fixed income.   I will pair back on equities when the time is right. For now... all systems are a "go."

Peace,   LAN 

Disclosure: I am/we are long High Yield CEF Portfolios.

Additional disclosure: I am long high yield CEF portfolios