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I am a Psychic. Tooter Turtle's (AKA Jeff Nielsen) next Articles and or Instablog will be on USA Poverty or USA Home Prices!

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 I am dedicating my first Instablog to Tooter Turtle (AKA Jeff Nielsen). In the coming day or two I foresee Tooter will have an article and or Instablog with headlines similar to:
"America Home Prices could drop another 25%" Meredith Whitney"


"US Poverty Rate Rises to 13.2% in 2008" Record High!

(FYI: The average income per capita in China is around $2800. Poverty in the US is defined as an individual with an annual income of less than $11,200 or a family of four earning less than $22,200)

He may change or alter his course of action if he sees this post. But You ask how could I ever know what Jeff Nielsen was going to write? Well it is very easy. Search the various news websites and take every article that has:
1) Negative data or information on the USA or (perceived to be negative by Tooter)
2) Positive data or view points on China (He loves to kiss their behinds!)
3) Positive data or view points on Gold and Silver.
He then takes the articles, adds a few useless things, puts a spin on them if needed (very often) and then he regurgitates them as his own work. Its that simple!
Get you own material Tooter and a new perspective because your old one is worn out and boring!