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U.S. Inflation Report For February 2019 From Altana Wealth


Inflation is far and away the greatest macroeconomic risk facing investors.

Recent inflation newsflow reflects Fed's abrupt move to a wait-and-see stance on monetary policy.

Lower energy prices have slowed headline inflation rates. Core inflation remains close to recent highs.

Credit growth has been robust, buoyed by corporate lending while growth in monetary aggregates remains weak.

Inflation is far and away the greatest macroeconomic risk facing investors as it can significantly erode the real purchasing power of their wealth.

Since 1960, more than two thirds of the world’s market economies experienced episodes of inflation that exceeded 25% in at least one year.

On average, investors lost 53% of purchasing power during such episodes. In some cases the loss of wealth was over 80%.

Keeping an eye on all the relevant indicators

Altana Wealth Ltd. (London / Monaco) publishes, to my mind, the most comprehensive but best summarized U.S. inflation report, sumarizing 23 key inflation indicators grouped into five categories of economic data including consumer/producer price inflation, commodity prices, wage inflation, inflation expectations and broad monetary indicators.

The objective of the report is to provide comprehensive summary of the most relevant inflation indicators relative to the U.S. economy. A chart is provided for each indicator, including an explanation of its significance and what its current reading implies. You can find a copy of the report at the following link:

Altana U.S. Inflation Report - February 2019

For full disclosure: Altana Wealth is my employer and I've worked together with its author, our chief economist, Ian Gunner on creating this report.