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Consumer Inflation Picks Up


Core consumer prices show broad strength over the past few months with sequential rises in core CPI ex shelter strongest in 10 years.

Risk of slower growth and falling inflation expectations could deflate inflation perssures for now.

Credit growth solid through the summer with summer lending showing strength.

Inflation is among the greatest risk factors facing any investor. Since 1960 more than two thirds of all market-oriented economies have endured periods of high inflation attaining 25% during at least one year. On average, during such periods investors on average lost 53% of their wealth in real terms. In some cases, losses of wealth exceded 80%.

Altana Inflation Report presents 20 charts comprising 23 key inflation indicators grouped into five categories of economic data including consumer/producer price inflation, commodity prices, wage inflation, inflation expectations and broad monetary indicators. All data are sourced from official sources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Reserve, University of Michigan and Commodities Research Bureau.

The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive summary of inflation according to the latest data out of the US. The appendix provides a concise explanation of key monetary aggregates.

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