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It All Comes Down to The Banks

It seems like the direction of the market really comes down to how the banks are going to do with their earnings reports in a few days.  All other bad news seems be water off a duck's back and has no effect on the stock market.

I've been gradually building a small position in physical silver and have abandoned the market except for token amounts of FAZ (my hedge against another market collapse), some USAGX and USBSX.

We'll see whether the market can still keep powering upward on fumes, but I avoided buying a house in 2005 because the housing market didn't look right.  I'm avoiding the stock market today because my gut has the same bad feeling that something isn't right.  Me and my fiat dollars are mostly sitting this one out except for small, quick day trades.........

I'm not sure where some of the rosy predictions I'm reading for income growth for banks in 2010 are coming from.  Unemployment is putrid.  Housing looks poised for another leg down.  Stimulus will eventually be "withdrawn" (exhausted).  We are looking at a historic mid-term election loss for incumbents, if another TARP happens.  I'm trying to see where the data for this so-called recovery is coming from, but alas, it eludes me.  Anybody have any ideas where I can find all these positive economic numbers that are justifying this huge run-up in the stock market?