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Why Not Have a Silver Money Bomb?

Hard money enthusiasts CAN move small precious metals markets if they act in concert.  Just like Ron Paul's money bombs shook the establishment, so too can the little guy take it to the banksters, the Federal Reserve and corporate cronies with a precious metals money bomb.  I guess my question is, "Why hasn't anybody thought of this or tried it already?"  If we all made small purchases of precious metals on the same day, don't you think the markets would react?  Plus, aren't we actually stimulating the economy by helping American based and American owned corporations like APMEX and Northwest Territorial Mint, and indirectly the miners, UPS and FedEx who are delivering our property?  It's a win-win, and we all have preserved a bit more of our wealth here in America!  I'd love to hear everyone's comments on this.  Is it workable?  Has it been tried before?  Is somebody organizing one right now?  See the below article for a breakdown of the tiny silver market.