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Wake Up America!

The Federal Reserve and their fiat monopoly on currency, czars for everything imaginable, farm subsidies to control America's vast agricultural economy, a government owned automobile industry, a government owned mortgage industry; the list goes on and on.

Are any of these ventures even remotely successful?  Why aren't more Americans like the Tea Partiers upset with all this nonsense?  Why doesn't the media portray these failed government enterprises as the economic disasters they are?  Why aren't the legislators and creators of these policies being held accountable by the voter and taxpayer?  Why are we giving billions to failed businesses like AIG and CITI Bank, while letting these failed corporate executives cart off ridiculous taxpayer funded bonuses?

America has abandoned capitalism for central planning and corporatism.  Nothing short of throwing out all incumbents from the rotten one-party establishment will suffice.  It's no wonder a growing number of the Sheeple are abandoning the stock market and fiat currency for hard assets such as property and commodities.

Anyone running against the establishment is subjected to vicious attacks by the msm media and labeled as a dangerous radical.  Both Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul are two examples of great Americans continually marginalized for speaking the truth clearly and highliting hypocrisy.

The media does a lousy job with its talking heads of actually reporting anything.  Recycling the same few hundred Washington insiders and beltway whores as paid consultants is a foul practice networks proudly showcase; as their experts keep the populace ignorant and uninformed.  Why not insist on more unpaid experts, (instead of the current crop of overpaid media consultant spin-doctor prostitutes), who are actually experts in their field, be allowed on television to actually inform, educate and debate the great issues of our day?

Keynesianism is a colossal failure.  Solving a debt problem with more debt cannot work indefinitely.  We have reached the limits of the world's carrying capacity for debt.  Keynesians either don't see it or don't get it.  The media and the establishment are in bed with the Keynesians, so the hard truth, inevitable belt-tightening, and "fiscal austerity measures," continue to be ignored and put-off after the next election cycle. 

Austrian Economics is simple to understand.  Living within ones' means was good advice 200 years ago and is just as good advice today for individuals as well as corporations and governments.  Debt is for slaves.  America is the most indebted nation in the history of humanity.

The stock market has been a catastropic wealth destroying vehicle for millions of American families trying to save for retirement for over 10 years now; especially when you price the market indices in anything other than fiat currency.

What will you do to fix these problems?

Disclosure: Long gold, silver, mining companies and the free market