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Not So Well Known Economic Quotes....

Ever since Helicopter Ben's infamous "Green Shoots" phrase died out I have been wondering how our leaders can make the sheeple believe these ridiculous analogies despite all the economic data that says otherwise.  Now that the word "recovery" is rpidly going the way of "green shoots" I decided "we the people" need to help out our leaders in crafting more analogies, to keep the charade of economic robustness going.  Here are some of my nominations:

"We have successfully fertilized the fields of the economy with the sewage of quantitative easing."

-Tim Geithner

"America's constipated economy is moving again, thanks to the fiber of stimulus and Ex-Lax of debt monetization."

- Ben Bernanke

"The Federal Reserve has shoved the enema of stimulus straight up the economy's colon to clear the clog of debt and loosen spending so America's economy can get flowing smoothly again."

-Ben Bernanke

We have stimulated the shaft of the economy back to the brink of orgasmic growth."

-Larry Summers