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Startup Entrepreneurs: Which Industries Should You Invest In?


Get the returns you wish for.

Last and grow for many more years.

Best fit your goals, interests, and passion.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur who simply wants to reap the benefits of starting and growing your investment in one of Asia’s four economic tigers, then we have some good news for you - quite a lot actually that you can really look forward to. Because of Singapore robust investment climate and business-friendly tax policies, it’s safe to say that Asia’s financial hub is indeed a low-risk destination for startup business owners such as yourself.

Generally, there are lots of ways to invest your money in Singapore. Apart from starting a new business out of your own concept, there are also other options such as buying dividends, acquire and/or revive certain businesses, partner with other companies, and more.

And once you’ve already decided on the kind of investment style and strategy that best suits you, one question remains: Which particular industry do I put my money in? Regardless of what investment move you decide to do, it is but vital that you choose the industry that will: (1) provide you the returns you wish for, (2) last and grow for many more years, and most importantly, (3) best fit your goals, interests, and passion.

If you have no idea which industries to choose from, we have carefully handpicked the top business sectors you should consider for your very first investment in Singapore:

Electronics & IT

It isn’t a surprise that for many years, the electronics and IT sectors have been Singapore’s strongest growing industries. In the electronics manufacturing sector, you might want to look into providing semiconductors and precision engineering. But of course, businesses that are into production and retail of gadgets and gizmos are still very much thriving.

Well on the IT side, the Singapore government is still working very hard (and providing enough budget) to reach its goal of being a ‘Smart Nation’. Hence, companies that provide data and web services, IT infrastructure, digital technology solutions, cybersecurity services, and more, are still successfully running and growing in Singapore.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage are considered basic necessities and, consumer staples. So as long as there are people, as long as their population is growing, F&B companies are technically “on the safe side”. Private consumption is still a strong driver for any global economy, including a small city-state such as Singapore. It’s just that, since there are too many players in this industry, investors and entrepreneurs like you should take a closer look in which particular market or niche you’d really want to put your money, time, effort, and heart into. Foodies from all over the globe still visit Singapore to get a taste of their traditional cuisine, innovative dishes, and Michelin star-worthy items. So if you’re really one who’s passionate about these, then you might as well put your first Singapore investment into a business in this industry.

Healthcare and Sciences

Singapore is also currently booming in terms of healthcare. As a matter of fact, since 2015, entrepreneurs and investors have been putting their money and time in these companies that provide MedTech, biotechnology sciences, and other medical fields.

In the same way, Singapore has also been consistently recognized for their prominence in the robotics, clean water and environment protection, and pharmaceutical industries.

Insurance & Finance

While most of us know that Singapore’s financial market is already an established and booming one, it is still considered as a key economic sector in the country. In fact, just last year, the finance and insurance industry grew by 5.9 percent (with consistent growths from previous years). New and growing opportunities in this particular sector include financial technology, reinsurance, and even cloud accounting or computing.

Singapore, being the Top 2 country for ease of doing business in, also provides many opportunities for investors who would like to extend their financial assistance to other company.

Creative Industries

The Singapore economy is also known all over the world for having key industries that are mainly driven by knowledge, talent, and creativity. Because of that, a sector such as this one continues to grow year after year. Businesses and even professionals that provide animation, game design, industrial and interior design, sports management, web development and design, and more are now strongly in demand. No wonder the Singaporean government has been constantly promoting an economy that’s high-tech and creative.

Since this is considered as a still-but-rapidly growing industry, it then provides startup entrepreneurs like you the ultimate opportunity to become pioneers in this booming sector - one that you should really be excited about.

So there you have it. These are but some of Singapore’s best industries. If you want to know more about the business and investment opportunities that await you in Asia’s Financial Hub, you can find more resources here, especially about company incorporation,