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Rail shipping: 9/26/2009, week 39
                                                2007/2008            2008/2009
YR TO DATE                         -18.7%                        -18.1%
CURRENT WEEK                  -18.7%                        -16.2%
4 WK ROLLING AVE.             -14.0%                        -17.2%
Please compare these with week 36 below: a little better but still negative by huge amounts. Cumulative YR to date data is still declining: -19.8% vs. -18.1% over the last two weeks. This is still a very bad sign for the economy in general and Christmas in particular. There is nothing good in these figures except rail traffic in chemicals. Maybe we should all take a bath is sulfuric acid. 
From previous post:
The cumulative Week 36, YOY rail figures have move down from -17.1%, the last weekly decline to –19.8% adding another almost 3% to the deterioration. Cumulative traffic decline is flat at -18.4%. Remember the cash for clunkers stimulus program should have effected these figures. It did not. There can’t be a real GDP recovery without rail traffic and rail traffic figures should be increasing.