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New contest: Name the Affliction.
1. The winner will receive $10 worth of food stamps or a $10 bill which ever is   worth more at the end of the contest. 
  1. Contest will end at the end of the recession, or depression, or stag recession, or what ever name selected by the Dog of Times Staff ,as the winning name.
  2. Only humans and Dogs can enter. All such creatures can submit up to 10 million names but they must be postmarked by the end of the recession as set forth in rule number 2.
  3. If rule number one causes inflation;  then subtract rule number two and divide it by rule number three times Goldman Sachs leverage in 2006 which was 28 to 1 or 32 to 1, depending on which time you asked Lloyd Blankfein.
Here is my submittal.
How about this: INFLESSION. Depression with a dab of inflation.
A “not so great depression with commodity prices abnormally high. Can you say $3/ gal. gas? INFLESSION:   Something to keep you just hungry enough to remember what comfort food tastes like.
INFLESSION:   A depression a la’cart, California style, with a side of inflation. Yum, Yum, could I have seconds?

Disclosure: none