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|Includes: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), BWEN, EXXI, LPL, PAL, PCP, STP, VEDL, VXX, YGE
Comfort level and gut feelings always have to be balanced with market fundamentals and chart patterns. The rational for a particular exit/profit taking binge and a vix, (NYSEARCA:VXX) hedge cover, is more guts, than charts or fundamentals. It’s always nice to take in some cash. So here is an update.
Feb. 9th
DJI:   10,040
SPX: 1065
                        COST             3/6                   3/19
BASE                 MONTHLY
AMD:             $7.52               $8.61               $9.17            +$165
BWEN:            $5.15               $5.24               $5.15            0
EXXI:             $18.51             $20.75
LPL:                 $16.40             $16.16
SLT:                 $16.20             $18.01
STP:                 $13.02             $14.86             $14.22            +120
PAL:                $3.70               $4.42               $4.08            +120
TIE:                  $11.25             $13.74
YGE:                $12.85             $12.88
VXX                $22.19
                        $11,200            $12,351          $3679            +$405
PROFIT/LOSS(-costs)            $1,151                         +$341
PERCENT GAIN             10.3%             9.27%
ANNUALIZED GAIN            123.3%         82.4%
Oh what a difference a few days make. This is obviously a tech/alt. energy weighted portfolio. And not an ETF or index matched selection. Maybe next time I should be less aggressive and more conservative as one dud, (NASDAQ:BWEN) can change the outcome dramatically. Also, because of market movement the portfolio was worth more on March 6th. than on March 19th. Time decay and solar’s lack of participation in the rally since the 9th. really affected the gains. I am still holding: EXXI, LPL, SLT, TIE and YGE. But have hedged this with a 100 shares of VXX, an ETF proxy for the VIX. This could limit my upside profits but will also protect the remaining 5 stock positions against any down side crash.
So, I am long but getting bearish and would sell the other 5 positions on any other weakness or if time decay signals more selling is necessary.