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High Material Prices?

After the US goverment decided to D value the US dollar against china currency its directly hit the material specially white and yellow materials, so every campony showing majour gain on their buisness  and the market look like healthy  only due to high comodities prices , start jully 2010 and till April 8th ,20ll the gold  $1474,and siver $40.93 and not seeing any further short  in comming week. so every investor just closes his eyes and investing in minning stock , some really good stocks, which are related to the canadian equites are jumping higher and higher because they have huge resources  in a shape of gold and silver, now canadian stock like  


,EDR (US symbol  AG,EXK, )and other under $5 stock  VGZ,KBR,PZG,RIC,SAC all are jump more then 300% with in 12 to 15 month. now every body is looking and waiting when the US stop printing their currency and market going short , only market is lacking with financial stock which are  waiting for when ever rates are hike . All these thing showing we are going back to May2008 situation when the oil is $150 and rigtht after may fallen sharply to $ 67. so just ready for pull back every market.