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Financial Happiness And The Art Of Investing

During 35 years of investing I have ridden the ups and downs of the markets and certainly the accompanying emotions of elation and despair. I have however found certain truths that you will find helpful as an investor.

Don't have any debt. No credit card debt, car loans, mortgages, nothing. If you are in debt, don't invest until you are out of debt.

Stay in shape. Look in the mirror and be honest with what you see. 75% of Americans are obese. Don't be in that group.

Watch your health carefully. Get enough rest, eat healthy unprocessed foods, exercise.

Be careful of the negativity on the news shows and from those around you. Watch what you allow to take your attention.

Don't get your advice from the government, religion or TV or radio talk shows. Find your own path and your own truth. This will take time and research but is well worth it.

Find a spiritual component to your life. Maybe it's only walking in a forest, maybe meditation, maybe listening to the birds in the backyard.

Find a hobby. Music, travel, reading, painting.

Invest only what you don't need for many years. Look for low expense ratio's and start with the S&P 500 and Russell 2000. Buy into these groups only when everyone else is selling. Be patient.

Never ever let anyone other than you control your investment accounts. Have a trusted friend or lawyer keep your account information in case you are incapacitated.

I hope this helps,

Eric Sutz