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Is There Really A Difference Between Trading Forex And Gambling Or Playing The Lottery

There really are not a whole lot of differences between forex trading and gambling, though many take offense to the comparison. Forex trading generates cash flow in a similarly risky way to gambling and knowledge of gambling could actually improve your skills as a trader. The fine line is crossed when you stop weighing the risks and start taking them for the sake of taking a risk. This decision can get you into serious financial trouble that could threaten your happiness as well as that of your loved ones. The key is to treat forex trading as a business. This will prevent risk seeking.


There is a very similar risk involved in forex trading as there is in gambling and a gambling know how will actually help you with trading. It is all about the odds and stacking them in your favor. Like gambling, forex trading involves a level of speculation and know how. The trading strategy necessary to succeed at forex trading is also very similar to the system of counting cards at blackjack.


Forex trading, unlike gambling or trying to win a lotto jackpot, is a business endeavor. The average gambler typically does not plan out a strategy or a system before gambling, thus making it less responsible and less reliable than the business transaction. Forex trading requires a strategy, knowledge, and skill to succeed. Though there is a risk still involved in forex trading, it is not as high as that of gambling and the odds are more in your favor. Plus, if you've done your research, you'll be better at, resulting in more money for you.

How to lessen the gambling aspects

There are a lot of ways forex trading is not a thing like gambling and there are ways to lessen the similarities. Developing your technique and strategy for forex trading will help to diminish the similarities to gambling. By looking into the risk-reward ratio, you can be better aware of your trading decisions and strategize in advance, also helping to remove yourself from the connection with gambling. This also increases your chances of being successful in the forex trading business.

Those that prefer the risk to the researching tend to be gamblers. These people risk their money with minimal to no knowledge or preparation and thus, lose it. Don't be one of these people. Forex trading does not have to be synonymous with gambling, but it can be if you are not careful. Prepare yourself with research and know the risk you are taking. If you do not, you can end up regretting it.