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Wize Capital Review – What We Found Out About WizeCapital.Com (Great Broker!)

Jul. 18, 2020 1:33 PM ET
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Wize Capital website

WizeCapital.com Review

The history of foreign exchange (Forex) goes centuries back when it was limited to only the rich and existed as a source of income for them. With the passage of time, it became an affordable business of upper-middle class while the lower classes were still not able to adapt this trade. Towards the end of 20th century and beginning of 21st, it has become affordable for anyone who has access to internet and has even a few hundred dollars to spare, and invest in forex.

At present, if one is daring enough to take the risk of investing in forex, they can find many brokerages who are available to offer their services, promising to turn your investments into huge profits. This competition in time has become so fierce that many brokerages (though providing legit services), have started making claims and promises that are far from being fulfilled and sound too good to be true. The only motive behind this act or in formal term; business tactic is to attract customers/investors into signing up with their account and then be served with below standard services.

To make things worse, many scammers / imposters have developed their own brokerage websites, only to defraud innocent customers who have the least amount of knowledge in terms of online trading/investment. Fraudsters with so much perfection develop these fake sites and customer-oriented content that even at times, even the experienced investors end up falling prey to such scammers. Every year there is an alarming number of victims who fall prey to such online swindles and unfortunately, the number of these swindles has been increasing on a daily basis.

This is one of the reasons that people who are new to the internet business and are potential investors in such trades, have started growing skeptical about setting their foot into online business. Unfortunately, the level of discontent has grown so much that many people have started perceiving internet business as a whole as fraud. This not only puts the internet business sector to the outer world as a bad investment but also hampers the reputation of the entire internet community.

In times like these, “Wize Capital” has made its appearance as one of the most reliable brokerages of the 21st century, aiming to re-build the level of trust and reliability that the online brokerages once held and successfully maintained. The only reason behind this effort is that for many people, online business/trades were the only source of income and due to this dis-trust; these people have been forced to find new ways of running their trades/business. This is one of the many reasons, why Wize Capital is currently operational, in order to retain investors who are very discontent and earn back the reputation that online business sector once proudly held.

Wize Capital logoAbout Wize Capital

Website: https://wizecapital.com/ 

Out of many trades that are currently available and trending in the online market, Wize Capital has chosen Forex trading to be its primary trade as it is considered by majority of investors to be the most reliable, secure, profitable and the most liquid market. Wize Capital has thus, brought together a team of veteran traders and expert traders who are highly skilled in their field of work, and are very responsible, ambitious, resourceful and oriented towards the growth of their company as well as grooming of their investors in the trading business.

With the joint efforts of these veteran traders who now work as advisors for Wiza Capital and expert analysts, Wize Capital aims to provide their customers with the most friendly and professional trading environment, where every Wize Capital investor and employee is expected to practice work ethics and communicate with each other with the respect that everyone deserves.

From an investor’s point of view, Wize Capital aims to provide their clients with the best service, asset security, stat of the art tools and 24x7 customer service who are available to assist you in any way they can. Furthermore, Wize Capital has also set up an academic program for their registered investors in hopes to groom their clients. The sole reason for introducing this academic program is to enable investors to make their business decisions independently.

Account Types

  • Beginner

If you are new to the forex trading market, are patient enough to first learn the ways of trades and tactics, you can an open an account with Wize Capital with a minimum deposit of 250 Euros, which is a really feasible amount for someone who is new to the forex trading business. By opening a beginner account, you gain access to the top assets being offered at Wize Capital, online live webinars and access to daily market research reports, made available to investors for providing better understanding and visibility around the assets being traded.

  • Advanced

If you consider yourself to be an experienced trader and someone who can make rational business decisions while being under pressure of losing assets at any moment, then you can make a minimum investment of 5,000 Euros to get gain ownership of this account. Once you have this account, you can avail all the benefits that beginner account holders do and on top this, you can acquire the services of a dedicated account manager.

Furthermore, you are enrolled into the one-on-one coaching sessions to review your trading activities and work on to improving them. Additionally, you have access to Wize Capital’s academic program for educational/learning purposes and 3 month access to expert advisor.

  • Experts

If you consider yourselves to be a pro in the trading business and are ready to take on the most challenging trading situations and turn them into the most profitable gigs, then you ought to get your hands on the Experts account by making a minimum deposit of 20,000 Euros.

With this account, you not only have access to all the services, benefits and perks provided to the beginner & intermediate level trading accounts, but also have the opportunity to access the live trading rooms where you can monitor the trading activities of other experienced traders and learn new and innovative ways of trading.


Foreign exchange trading (commonly known is Forex Trading) refers to the process involving the sale, purchase as well as exchange of international currencies through a decentralized channel. Forex is a platform of people looking to invest in the currency exchanging market to accomplish a variety of goals which may involve commerce, trading or tourism. Through the online platform, forex is available to anyone who has only a few hundred dollars in their wallet to invest and these factor alone is the reason that millions of investors are attracted to this trade on a monthly basis.

Wize Capital forex tradingFurthermore, forex trading exists as a decentralized entity meaning that there is no central or headquarter based facilitator in this market and the transactions take place globally between computers through the internet. This feature not only acts as an instant transaction processing but also, one of the most secure channel for. This also adds a start to forex trading’s worldwide reputation and popularity, where investors seem to be getting attracted to it just as the moths get attracted to light.

As Forex’s trading asset is currencies, it is therefore an extremely volatile asset, which can make a rich to a poor or vice versa in an instant. This is the reason why forex currently exists as one of the most liquid asset markets and has a whopping $6 trillion worth of daily transaction flow.

  • First thing to know about forex trade?

One of the most basic things to know about forex before you start playing with currencies is that you cannot choose only one currency to trade in. In forex, the currencies come in pairs such as JPY/GBP, USD/AED, AED/CAD, EUR/USD and many more. At present, forex is giving its investors the opportunity to choose from 65-70 currency pairs that have been chosen by the forex experts and analysts after carefully monitoring their worth, volatility and many more factors affecting a currency’s value in the international trading market.

So, if you choose to go with the pair; AED/EUR, and select sell, it means that you wish to sell AED and buy EUR against it. Similarly, if it’s the buy option you have selected, it means that you wish to buy AED and sell EUR. No matter the action you choose on the primary currency, the opposite action takes place by default on the latter.

  • The special pair

Although the investors in forex trading have around 65-70 currency pairs to choose from, majority of the investors seem to pay extra interest in the “USD/EUR” pair. And they have all the rights to do so. The reason behind this, is the global recognition and demand of both these currencies where dollar is currently the international trading currency and EUR seems to be second to dollar.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, this unique pair is the first choice for many traders and as a result, this pair currently results in $2 trillion dollar worth of transaction volume per day for forex trading.

Trading Platform

In order to provide customers with the best trading experience, Wize Capital has provided their customers with the following trading platforms:

  • Meta Trader 4

Even though there is a lot of trading platforms currently being offered by brokerages such as Active Trader Pro, TT platform, Moxy and more, Wize Capital has decided to go with Meta Trader 4, which is currently the most popular and utilized platform in the trading market. The reason Wize Capital has chosen Meta Trader 4 above any other platforms is because it has been developed for ensure that the customers are provided with the most user-friendly trading environment, intuitive interface, state of the art trading tools, multiple language support.

Furthermore, the traders have access to check their daily account statement, receive regular news feeds, and view real-time client account summary and advanced charts. All these features are integrated into Meta Trader 4 platform to facilitate the traders in any way possible so they can make the most out of these.

  • Web Trader

Although it is quite efficient to provide investors with a third party platform to do trades, but it also makes them bound to a particular operating system. In the current times, where almost every trade seems to be channeling through online mediums, it became a need for brokerages to provide their investors with the same convenience.

Keeping this view in mind, the Wize Capital online trading platform has adapted to the Web Trading platform that the investors can access from any computer at any place through the internet browser. The Web Trader itself is equipped with all the features that Wize Capital has to offer its investors through Meta Trader 4. Once the investors are logged into the Web Trader using their credentials, they have access to all of the forex trade markets available globally.

Even though many brokerages are quite hesitant to adapt to the web trader as there’s always a risk factor involved, its risk scale is close to nothing for Wize Capital as they ensure their clients the highest security level which is re-assuring to them that their assets are always safe with Wize Capital.

  • Mobile App

Today, when every organization has set their eyes onto switching all of their utilities to the smartphone platform, it would be unwise for brokerages to not develop a trading platform for their investors, which would not only deprive them of an utmost facility but would also put them at a loss of not being able to trade at their will.

Recognizing this need, Wize Capital has also facilitated their clients with mobile app for forex trading. The mobile-app also, has been equipped with all the necessary features and tools that the investors need to take their trading experience to the next level and the best part is that the investors can start trading from anywhere with a single tap.

Wize Capital trading platformsEducation System

With so much competition currently out there in the forex trading business, almost every brokerage wants their firm to generate the best trading results that they can show on their website in order to bring in more investors. Not only this but the guidance they provide their clients is unnecessary and is so much that their clients are never able to make any decisions on their own. As a result, they always remain in-experienced, novice and are always dependent on their brokerage to help them do trades.

However, Wize Capital wants their clients to be in the driving seat as soon as they can so they can make their own decisions and do not stay dependent on any one for long. To achieve this goal, Wize Capital has introduced following programs to facilitate their clients:

  • One-on-One Coaching

In every trade, one can always keep on trading and learning from their mistakes. However, it would be best if there was someone who was closely monitoring your each and every activity, watching each step you took and gave you a good piece of business advice wherever it was considered necessary. Wize Capital is fully aware of this and closely monitors the trading activities of their investors and collects data that negatively impacts the performance of the investors.

The reason this is done is to filter out the investors who seem to be struggling with forex trading and are on the verge of losing their interest, money or patience. Once this data is collected, Wize Capital schedules one-on-one coaching sessions with these investors so they can be made aware of their weaknesses and can be coached on how to improve on these pain points. Doing so ensures that investors not only get the best trading advice, but are also empowered to make their own decisions that can prove useful for them in the long run.

  • Trading Sessions

At Wize Capital, if you own an “Expert” trading account, you are given access to online trading sessions remotely. The reason for giving this access to the clients is to show them how other traders perform their forex trades. This program by Wize Capital is considered to be very effective and productive for the clients spectating such sessions because every trader has their own trading style, approach and understanding of a situation. With these sessions, investors are able pick one or two tricks, tactics and maneuvers that the traders use during their activities.

Not only this but these sessions also provide investors a platform to interact with each other, where they can discuss each other’s experience and struggles throughout the their trading journeys and learn from each other.

  • Academic Program

Taking the clients’ learning experience to the next level, Wize Capital has put together an academic program for their investors. The clients have the freedom to take part in these academic curriculums based on their trading expertise and skills. This also tends to improve the decision making power of their investors, enlightening them with trading maneuvers that they can use to make huge profits.

Customer Support

  • General Support (24x7)

To provide timely solutions to their clients’ problems, Wize Capital has put together a squad of highly qualified and competent individuals. These individuals are highly skilled, experienced and qualified to deal with their customers in the most professional manner. Furthermore, these individuals have undergone basic forex trading training sessions so they have an idea of what the customer’s query is and provide them with the best and most effective resolution, and if they establish that a query is above their scope, they are well aware of escalating it to the relevant team so it can be responded to at the earliest.

  • Account Manager

When you set up an account with Wize Capital and become a part of it, you are set up with a dedicated account manager whose responsibility is to guide you throughout your trading journey, help make your decision making easier for you and back you up while you achieve your goals. They are responsible for keeping you in the most profit making direction and reveal your mistakes along the way in order for you to learn from them and not to repeat them going forward.

The reason Wize Capital took this step was to keep a close eye on your trading activities and to guide you wherever it seems that you may end up losing either your money or your patience. For Wize Capital, it is an obligation to secure and protect the clients’ assets at any cost and this is how they keep under check.

  • Expert Analysts

Just like every old sailing ship needed a navigator, every brokerage and a trading company needs analysts. These analysts act as navigators who are responsible for keeping a historical track of each trading asset and gather as much data as possible. Once gathered, they run this data against the on-going and upcoming event to predict and provide forecast on the supply, demand, value and volatility of each asset.

At Wize Capital, you also get to have sessions with these analysts who can then share their expertise and knowledge around your selected asset. These sessions are held to boost the morale of traders which in turn creates a positive environment for the traders to trade in.

Why Should You Choose Wize Capital?

Yes, there are many brokerages are out there claiming to provide the same services as the Wize Capital brokerage does but what makes Wize Capital than others? What sets Wize Capital apart from other brokerages is its dedication and orientation towards the welfare of its clients. Wize Capital’s utmost priority is to provide their employees and customers with the most professional and respectful environment where everyone practices to respect each other’s interests and preferences.

Then comes their true motive, which is to make enough educational and learning content available for their customers in order for them to learn and apply whatever they have picked from this content into their trading endeavors.

Last but not least, Wize Capital’s aim is to always stay up-to-date with respect to tools, technology and trading regulations. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that their customers are always provided with the latest facilities, utilities and most secure trading environment and make the most out of their investments.

So, if you think that their role and services in the world of forex trades is justified, then you shouldn’t think twice before becoming a part of this unique and selfless firm.

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