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GCG International Review – One Broker For All Your Trading Needs

Jul. 31, 2020 9:27 AM ET
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GCG InternationalThere is no better feeling for a trader than signing up with a broker that takes care of all his/her needs. However, finding such a broker can be quite a task. You have plenty of them available online offering you all types of perks and bonuses, but that does not mean they are all great. There are very few brokers that truly understand what the modern trading world is all about and what the new traders want from their trading experience. GCG International is undoubtedly one of those brokers. It has stood among its competitors as a broker that truly understands what its traders want.

All the features from this broker are great when you think about their benefits. However, you have to research more to know about a broker before you trust a statement about it. And that’s what you are going to do through this GCG International review. This review will go into the details of everything that GCG International offers to its traders. You can read about every feature and find out for yourself what matters to you the most and if the broker is really doing what you want it to do for you as a trader. So, let’s get into the details of this review.

GCG International Review – An Evaluation of All of Its Features

· Some Basic Knowledge about the Broker

If you are new to trading, you have to understand the many different types of brokers that you will find on the internet. They differ from each other on the basis of a lot of factors. First of all, you have to see which trading instruments they are offering. There are many different types of instruments that you can use to trade a variety of assets. For example, you have options trading in which you just have to predict which direction the price of the asset will move. If you predict correctly, you get paid the profits of your trade. On the other hand, with CFD trading, you trade just like you trade assets traditionally.

However, you don’t own these assets when you trade them. If you look at the term CFD, it stands for Contracts for Difference. This means you are only trading a contract. This contract is like trading the price and value of the asset that you are interested in without trading the asset itself. That’s what you will be doing when you sign up with GCG International. This broker provides you with access to a variety of financial markets in which you can trade assets like stocks, indices, and forex currency pairs. Within these categories, you can pick a variety of assets.

The main vision of this broker is to provide one trading platform to the traders where they can trade all the possible assets out there in all the financial markets. When you trade with this broker, you will be able to trade not just stocks, indices, and commodities, but cryptocurrencies as well. This means the broker is pacing well with the current trends. If your broker does not offer you any cryptocurrencies for trading, it is keeping you 10 years in the past. In today’s world, modern traders cannot even think about trading unless there is an option for them to trade digital coins. That’s what you will get when you sign up with this broker.

You will be surprised to know that this broker gives you access to nearly 5000 different financial markets. What that means is that if you are an experienced trader, you have the perfect opportunity to diversify your portfolio with this broker. As an experienced trader, you already understand the importance of portfolio diversification. This technique allows you to distribute your losses or risks across a range of assets. This way, you don’t lose everything when the only asset you have invested your money in fails. So, in other words, you are getting some great opportunities of trading and making your trading career with GCG International.

· Start with a Demo Account

To make things easy for new trader, GCG International has created a demo account on its trading platforms. This particular account allows you to trade in a simulated financial market where you can trade just about any asset that you want to trade. The best thing about this particular account is that it is a perfect imitation of the real financial market. At no point will you feel that the broker has given you access to a dummy market. Now, when you sign up with a demo account, you can learn a lot about trading and how the trading platform you are about to use for real trading is going to work.

This is a problem with many online brokers. They give access to their traders to their trading platforms only when they start with a paid account. Rather than learning trading from day one, these traders then have to spend their time learning how the trading platform works. This wastes a lot of their time when they can actually start making money through trading. So, when you have access to the demo account, you can learn about the workings of the trading platform. In addition to that, you will also be able to learn a lot about trading because aside from the fact that you are on a demo account, everything is the same as it will be with the real account.

You will be given a lot of credit by the broker so you can use it in the dummy account for trading. Again, you will be entering and exiting your trading positions just like you will with your real account. The only thing is that you will learn trading with a demo account without putting a single penny on the line. In addition to the demo account, you can also go with one of the many trading accounts from the broker that put you in the real financial markets for real trading.

· Real Trading Accounts

The real trading accounts from this broker are going to be perfect for just about any type of trader out there. When you sign up with a broker, you have to start with a paid account. You have to open this account with the broker if you want to trade in the financial markets. However, some brokers can make it quite at ask for you to sign up with a basic trading account. Did you know you have many different types of accounts that you can choose from? Why are there so many different types of accounts? Well, many different types of traders want to sign up with GCG International and that’s why the broker has created accounts for everyone.

When you sign up with the basic account, you will be glad to know that the initial deposit is pretty small. This initial deposit is small because the broker wants its traders to sign up with it and start trading without any hurdles. If there is a requirement for a huge initial deposit, you can be sure that millions of new traders in the world will not be able to sign up in the first place and start their trading career. In addition to making it easy for new traders to sign up with the basic account, the broker has also introduced many different perks so the traders can make a lot of money and enter huge trades.

So, when you trade CFDs, one of the things you will love about this format of trading is that you will be provided a lot of help by your broker with your trades. You get this help in the form of monetary help on your trades. When you trade but there is a very small amount in your account, you can use leverages. GCG International provides you with huge leverages so you can make a lot of money on your trades if you are successful. Leverage is when the broker you have signed up with steps forward to invest with you in a particular asset. This allows you to increase the total amount that you are investing in the trade.

When you have a huge amount of money in the trade, you can make huge profits as well. It is your broker that provides you with this support in the form of leverage. Not all online brokers will provide you with leverages on your trades. However, when you sign up with GCG International, you will have plenty of leverages on your trades regardless of the type of asset you are investing your money in.

Another important thing that needs mentioning here is that you will be able to open an Islamic trading account as well. That’s yet another thing that shows you how good the broker is and how much it cares about its trades from around the world. When you are an online broker, you know that people are going to sign up on your platform for trading from all around the world. Keeping that in mind, you have to have features that help these traders with their trading account and careers in every way possible.

If you talk about Muslims, they cannot sign up with regular accounts because they don’t deal with interest rates. Interest rates are a part of the swap rates when you have an online account. Since swaps are included in every account that you open with an online broker, a Muslim trader cannot sign up with a broker with these accounts. For Muslims, there is a different type of account, which is known as the Islamic account. In this account, there are no swap rates, and all the other requirements meet their religious regulations as well. So, whether you want to sign up with a basic account or a professional one, you can take advantage of the Islamic account as well when you open your account with GCG International.

· Withdrawals and Deposits

You wouldn’t think that deposits and withdrawals can be a difficult thing to do, but you would be wrong to think like that. If you have researched online broker, you must know that some online brokers can turn depositing and withdrawing money from their trading accounts into rocket science. They have so many regulations associated with you banking on their website that you feel the need to not sign up with the broker in the first place. In addition to that, you have to pay a lot of commissions on your deposits and withdrawals. It feels weird when you have to pay commissions on depositing your money in your account.

However, when you sign up with a broker like GCG International, you will not have to worry about such ridiculous commissions. There might be some fees associated with the money you deposit you in your account, but they are usually from your bank. Not to mention, you will never have to pay commissions in places where they don’t make any sense. You can also use the methods of your choice from the many options available to you. With some brokers, you are stuck with only a few options that are not even safe. You have to make sure that you bank safely with the broker, no matter which one you sign up with.

You will have peace of mind when you are depositing money with this broker. You can use your credit card if you can’t wait to trade and want things to start fast. You can go with bank wire transfer if you are not in a hurry but want your deposits to be as safe as possible. You can pick the option that makes sense to you when you are trading with GCG International.

· KYC and AML

When it comes to sign up with the broker and depositing and withdrawing your money, you will have to provide a lot of information about yourself and your bank account. It does not matter whether you are sending money to the broker in the form of a bank wire transfer or through your credit card, you will have to provide information about your deposit method before you can deposit money and withdraw it with the broker. That’s because this broker has AML and KYC policies in place. Why does the broker have these policies and what do they do? Well, the broker has these policies because it wants the trading platform to be safe for you.

In addition to that, the benefit of having these policies in place is that you can sign up with the broker, provide your banking details without worrying about your identity being stolen. Under the KYC policy, which stands for Know Your Customer, you will have to provide your personal identification information through a government issued ID card. This way, the broker makes sure that you are the person you are claiming to be. At the same time, the broker makes sure that if someone has stolen your information, they cannot sign up on its trading platform with that stolen information.

The broker also has anti-money laundering policy on the website and its trading platform to prevent any money launderers from using these platforms for their gains. If you don’t know, money launderers use someone else’s information to deposit money with online brokers. They keep the money with the brokers and then withdraw this money to introduce into the system as white money. However, since GCG International has anti-money laundering policy in place, it asks for details that a money launderer does not provide because they can get caught. They have to prove that they own the card they are using to deposit money in the account.

They have to send these proofs in the form of pictures. However, money launderers don’t want their identity to be shown so they do not provide this information. This way, the broker keeps its trading platform clean of any illegal entities that looking to use it for their illegal means.

· The Trading Platform for All Users

It does not matter which particular device you use on a daily basis, you will find the trading platform from this broker on all the devices that you know. That’s what makes the trading platform from GCG International so great. You have it available on all the devices so you will never have to think twice before downloading and using the trading platform. First of all, the broker has made sure that its trading platform is available in different formats to suit different traders and operating systems. You have the trading platform in the form of a desktop version. This version works not only on Windows computers but MACs as well.

You don’t really get such a robust trading platform from most brokers that runs on MAC as well. In addition to that, you have the trading platform available specifically for your smartphones as well. Yes, it does not matter which smartphone you own because the trading platform will run on just about any device that you can think of. Whether you own an iPhone or you like the freedom of being on Android, you will be able to use the trading platform on your device without any issues. You have to keep in mind that we are talking about the downloadable version of the trading platform here.

Moreover, you have a web-based trading platform as well from the broker. This platform, too, can run on just about any device that you can think of. The best thing about a web based trading platform is that it does not require any downloads from you and you don’t have to worry about any patching, upgrading, updating, etc. when you have such a trading platform. It will run on all of your devices without any issues at all because it is running on the web. It is just like opening a website on your computer or smartphone. You already know that you don’t have any issues in opening a website on your device no matter which operating system you have on it.

This trading platform is available to you on the internet, which means you can access it no matter where you are in the world. Since it is web based, you will be able to access the same trading platform with the same settings. In other words, you will not have to learn the trading platform just because you are on the other side of the world while using it.

· Sense of Security

Do you get a sense of security when you sign up with this broker? Or you feel unsafe all the time because there are so many brokers on the internet that are nothing more than scams? Well, the reality is that there are many factors that will make you feel comfortable when you sign up with this broker. You will not have to worry about your information because the broker will ensure that it gets encrypted as soon as you enter it on the website. In addition to that, the broker will put your money in segregated accounts, so you will have mental relief from there as well.

You also have 24/7 customer support to help you with your concerns and questions. That’s something you don’t get from most online brokers. They usually have only emails and FAQs to answer the queries from their traders. On the other hand, this broker has done something more. When you sign up with GCG International, you will be able to contact the company through email and phone. In addition to that, you have live assistants right on the website helping you with all the concerns you might have 24/7.

Final Thoughts

So, if you look at the features stated above, there is no reason to say why this broker is not one of the best. It provides you with all that you need as a trader and makes your trading journey easy by helping you with a demo account as well. When you sign up with GCG International, you know you are in safe hands. However, it should not stop you from researching further and find a broker that you are most comfortable with as your broker.

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