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Earnings For Beginners

Hey there,

Heres a video on the basics of earnings:

It goes over the basics of what earnings are.


  • * Earnings are on a 4 quarter basis, so every three months. These are for the periods of March, June, September, and December.
  • * They come out as Quarterly reports which are posted to the company's website usually under the page called 'investor relations'.
  • * On the quarterly reports you can find the Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet for the quarter, which is compared to the previous quarter, previous year quarter, and compares this year with the previous fiscal year.
  • * On the quarterly report you can find information they post on marketing, products, free cash flow, and competition.
  • * There is a conference call after an earnings report which is what beginners miss most the time. Netflix for example has a 30 minute interview they do, and they post it to youtube.
  • * You can look up Earnings calendar to find when earnings will be reported for certain companies.
  • * Earnings can be a good opportunity to buy and sell depending on the company and market conditions.

Hope this is a decent resource for all beginners out there looking to get into this current earnings season going on.