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What's In A Name - "The Pearly Pig"

In a time of chaos to the fledgling American money markets, New York politicians and merchants would meet at taverns and coffee shops to exchange information.

Though actual trading and business occurred under a buttonwood tree at 68-70 Wall Street, it was in the street's taverns and coffee shops where the populace had a voice.

During the Revolution, the world's twenty-first century financial epicenter was occupied by the enemy. The British laid waste to the district during their occupation during the war, and eventually abandoned it in 1783.

The empty houses and main buildings left were occupied by "prowling hogs" along with one lone survivor - the John Simmons' Tavern.

Though the district was quiet for a year or so, the prowling hogs soon gave way to enterprising merchants and businessmen again gathering at the coffee houses and taverns.

Replacing the nasty prowling hogs were these Pearly Pigs - the traders, investors and financiers that were to become the new foundation of the slow but steady physical revival of Wall Street.

Over 200 years have passed since the prowling hogs were booted from lower Manhattan, yet many of the components that made a successful investing environment still exist today.

New challenges like the Internet of Things (IOT), FinTech, and how money moves around the glob are truly disruptive to how we consider investments, place trades and grow wealth.

Yet even in this disruption, we come back to the basics - we discuss with each other our take on things. We glean additional information where we are lacking. And we test out our theses with other bright minds.

The Pearly Pig could very much be a tavern name or a coffee shop... believe me, I've thought about this more than once. But rather than a physical tavern or coffee house, The Pearly Pig is your online meet-up place to test your theses and occasionally hear from the head Pearly Pig.

Occasionally... okay, weekly; I get up on a bar stool or a table or the bar, and I share with my patrons what I think is going on and how I'm investing my family's money. I call this The Pearly Pig Weekly newsletter.

We'd love to have you.

So grab a craft brew or a coffee, or a great glass of wine. Follow me at The Pearly Pig and let's double our money as many times as we can.