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Trader's Stories - Tell Us Yours

|Includes: DIA, FB, GLD, SODA, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

by DeWayne Reeves


CFRN has been the go-to Podcast and Live Daily Broadcast for Emini Futures Traders since 2005. Tips, strategies, indicators, forecasts, theory, discussion, interviews, live trades, free trades, CFRN is the audio solution to the Emini Trading equation.

Join us Monday though Friday from 12PM - 2PM EST

  • David Williams
  • Mike Reed
  • Burton Schlichter
  • Leslie Burton
  • Robin Dayne
  • Ben Lichtenstein
  • Special Guests...

Got a story to share?

We are on a quest to build the world's largest audio library of individual Trader's Stories.

Traders from all backgrounds, all walks of life, will be given the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the story of their trading career. This is more than tales of Hedge Fund Wizards, these are the tales of real people just like you. Your level of success or lack thereof, is not important. What matters, is that you stepped into the arena and squared off against the market. This makes your story not only worth telling, but worth preserving as well.

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