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Daily Emini Trade Setups For Wednesday December 18, 2013

|Includes: DIA, GLD, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ), SPY

Daily Recap of Emini trades, Gold, Crude, Currencies, Soybeans from the CFRN Trade Desk...

#6AH4 - The #AussieDollar #Currency Tweet last night triggered on the short side. Tonight, consider being long above 89.30 (same as last night) or short below 88.25. Target in either direction is 8 ticks.

Never risk more than the potential gain. Use aggressive risk management and get your stop to break even, on schedule.

#ZSH4 - Last night's #Soybean #Futures trade ran from the entry to the target 2 times (XX). As you know, we believe important prices and important areas are almost always tested.

The chart below shows another great example of this as price moved from 13.38 to 13.40 (XX). It's almost like muscle memory, but alas, perhaps I've said too much already...

You really should come take a free trial. It's FREE you know.

Tonight, consider being long above 13.46 to 13.48 or short below 13.34 to 13.32. Either one's a day's pay on the 2 year plan and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Use a hard stop or stay on the porch!

All aboard...

6EH4 - #Euro #Currency #Futures Tweet last night dropped beyond our target making 29 ticks available. Of course, our interest was in the first 8. Today on the live broadcast we walked through the last few weeks of Euro action.

Our methodology and indicator set allows us to know at all times whose in charge - bulls or bears. Make sure you understand the nuts and bolts of the Slingshot first, then we'll go deeper into the multiple time frames.

Tonight, consider being long above 137.84 (same as last night) or short below 137.35. 8 tick target / 8 tick stop.

#ZBH4 - 30 Year #Treasury #Bonds triggered on the long side last night. We left a lot on the table, but that's not a problem. All that matters is we ran from the Entry to the Target and that's 4 ticks or $125 per contract. Remember on#Tbonds we use a 2 Tick #RangeChart - 4 tick target and 4 tick stop. I went into some detail as to why on last night's post.

Tonight I'm a little uncomfortable on either side. We'll pass...