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Daily Soybean Trade Update

|Includes: Teucrium Soybean Fund (SOYB)

From the CFRN Trade Desk...

#Soybeans - Last night's Soybean #Futures #Trade proved profitable 4 separate times on the long side. The trade alert read: Consider being long above 13.46 to 13.48. On the Soybean Hourly Chart below you will see each trade highlighted.

This is a classic example of "important prices and important areas almost always being tested" . While 4 trading opportunities off of one entry is somewhat unusual, it is not unheard of.

Additionally, the short side of the TRADE ALERT read: "Consider being short below 13.34 to 13.32" . Each of the 5 individual trades generated by the ALERT, were 2 penny moves. 2 cents in Soybeans, is equal in value to 2 points in the S&P 500 Emini Futures, or simply $100 per contract traded.

Tonight, consider being long above 13.30 to 13.32 or short below 13.18 to 13.16, whichever presents first. As you can see on the chart below, often in volatile markets, we not only are given multiple entries at the same price, the trade can also trigger on both the long and short side.

Volatility well managed, is a trader's best friend., Manage it well.

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March Soybeans Hourly Chart