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Top Live Trading Rooms - S&P 500 Emini / Crude / Gold / Soybeans

|Includes: DIA, GLD, Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ), SPY

Futures Truth Magazine - The first quarterly issue of 2014 added CFRN and the CFRN Emini Method® to one of the most coveted "Top Ten" style lists in the world of Emini Futures. The cover article "Human vs. Robot", expands the original list began in 2013.

Published March 26th 2014 in Futures Truth Magazine - Out of over 500 Live Trading Rooms personally visited by Dr. Dean Handley PhD, only 14 made the cut.

From the article:

CFRN: Founder DeWayne Reeves
Partner/Head Trader Michael B
9:30 ~11:30 EST (14:30-15:40 Zulu);

#TF , #GC , #CL , #ZS , #GH , #ES .

Brought to my attention by Pritesh B, I found trade entries, targets and stops were called with clarity and explained in real time.

Michael shows his DOM intermittently to verify actual entries and stops (and to satisfy those seeking - as they should - precise confirmation of trades).

After entry, trade management is narrated regarding taking of profits, moving stops, etc and they do not use fixed targets but rather trade in accordance with market movement (which I totally agree with). They post a complete and truthful track record and even subtract out round trip costs in their P/L summaries. I personally found this Michael B to be very pleasant and patient (end of excerpt).

Live Trading Room - 5 Day Free Trial

(excerpt from press release)

Futures Truth Magazine published quarterly, was founded in 1985 by John Hill a long time veteran of futures trading. Mr. Hill was convinced the futures industry was long overdue for an organization that would provide honest, objective evaluations of the multitude of system vendors, trading advisory services, and commodity trading advisors. The futures industry's reputation had been besmirched by charlatans making inflated performance claims.

Dr. Handley decided the best plan of attack was to go directly to the source of the problem. 4 years ago he actually had the brass audacity to begin visiting "trading rooms" and taking copious notes on each leg of the journey. In 2013 he published the result of his work under the title:

Trading Futures Successfully on the Shoulders of Giants
by Dr. Dean Handley

His follow up article published along with Mr. Pruitt's assistance hit the streets Wednesday March 26, 2014 under the title:

Trading Futures Successfully: Human vs. Robot
by Dr. Dean Handley & George Pruitt

(excerpt from the article)

Trading futures successfully is a difficult; in fact when I (NYSEMKT:DAH) started trading, I could not even find the definition of successful! My journey started and continued to what eventually became 517 futures trade rooms that I examined, which to the best of my knowledge represents the entire global futures cyber room industry. I developed three absolute requirements (422 Futures Rooms - Red Pill, Blue Pill, Gold Pill, Futures Truth #3 2013) that allowed me to find the very best trade rooms:

1. That they post a detailed and truthful track record of trades and P/L on a trade by trade or daily basis.

2. That upon review of that track record they earn a net  $50,000/ year (~$1000/wk) on a 3 contract/trade basis.

3. That they call trades in a clear and straightforward manner that allows for room members to replicate their trades in real time.

These three criteria (or doctrines as I call them) are highly demanding and when applied to all 517 rooms, I eliminated ~98% of rooms from further consideration. This has allowed me to identify the 10 best futures trading rooms (Trading Futures Successfully on the Shoulders of Giants, Futures Truth #4, 2103).

Continuing in this regard, I have identified four additional best rooms for consideration and those are profiled below. With their addition, the total number of "Successful Trade Giants" comes to 14. As the 10 did before them, they distinguish themselves according the above doctrines in a most valuable and consistent manner.

When asked to comment, CFRN Founder DeWayne Reeves stated, "We are extremely pleased that in an often troubled industry... our Hard work, Integrity and Profitability (HIP) has been recognized by an industry expert such as Dr. Handley and is currently in use by hundreds of retail and institutional traders around the world. Again, we are extremely honored to be added to this prestigious "short list", but by no means will we take this as an opportunity to rest on our laurels. In fact, just this week we announced the CFRN Method and Indicator Set is now available on the NinjaTrader Platform as well as dtPro. A separate press release regarding the integration of NinjaTrader will follow next week.

If anything, this recognition serves as an incentive for every member of our team to work even harder, helping ordinary people (people just like me) learn to Trade for a Living.

Emini Open House - Request Your Invitation Today!

To celebrate this milestone, CFRN would like to invite traders to join us for our Emini Open House.There is no obligation and no CC required. However, seating is limited. Maximum capacity is 500.

Attendees will watch our Head Trader and Managing Partner as he trades Real Money, in Real Time. The CFRN Emini Method® is applicable to all Futures Markets and even Equities for those using the NinjaTrader Platform.

Markets you will see traded are as follows:S&P 500 Emini / Russell / Crude / Gold / Natural Gas / Currencies / Soybeans and more...

This will be an interactive session! Each trade placed will be explained in full detail from Set-Up, to Management, to Exit. Questions are encouraged. This is your opportunity to see first hand exactly what Dr. Handley saw. There is an elegant simplicity to our methodology. Come see it with your own eyes.

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