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The Perfect Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Emini Futures Training

Last Minute Father's Day Gift

You had the best intentions, got busy, now you're running around like a chicken with his head cur off. Right?

Relax! Just go buy him some socks like you always do.

Or, this time... you could blow his socks off instead!

Which is better? More details in the post below, but the bottom line is this, come to the 30 minute Webinar @ 10am EDT Saturday morning, let me answer all your questions, from there it's simply print and frame. Take a trip and never leave the farm.

More details below, but tomorrow morning I will be there live to answer all your questions online.

10am EDT Saturday Morning*

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DeWayne ReevesShared publicly - 9:18 PM

Happy Father's Day - Learn To Trade Special Offer

Do you think your Dad, Husband, Grandfather, Brother, or Uncle has a desire to "Learn How To Trade?". Perhaps he's the guy who goes to the Business section of the newspaper BEFORE the Sports section.


Unfortunately, he's never been able to pursue the dream because he's tied to the 9 to 5. He has a family to support and he needs the benefits. However, when CNBC is playing on the big screen, he gets that far-away look in his eyes.

Come to our webinar Saturday morning!
10am EDT

Or maybe that special Dad in your life is approaching retirement or has already retired. Now he actually has the time to begin a second career doing something he has an incredible passion for. They say a retired man with no purpose or passion, no reason to SPRING out of bed each day... can suffer, become sad, and after a few months, he actually hates fishing (and he used to love it).

Well Mom, Daughter, Granddaughter, we have the perfect "Father's Day" Gift for you. If they are already retired they can start their training as soon as they're ready. If retirement is still a few seasons into the future, we have a program for that. They can still start now, or you can purchase a Scholarship Certificate they redeem when they are ready.

Come to our webinar Saturday morning!
10am EDT

Now please understand, we are a peculiar people. We are a community of believers who trade for a living. Will Dad fit in with that crowd? Don't get me wrong, God doesn't tell us when to buy and sell, we have to learn and work just like other folks. However, talk to any of our Partners (and you can) and each one will share with you the vision God has given them.

Most of our Partners are on a mission. They want to plant a Church, build an orphanage, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, share the gospel... does that sound like the Dad you're shopping for? If he wants a bass boat... that's ok too. We don't discriminate. We're non-denominational. We believe the Bible.

Our creed is "Love God, Love People, Love Life".

Does that sound like the Dad you're shopping for? Even if Dad has zero experience with trading and investing, we work with the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. We come to our Partners (students) at their level. Along with group training we also do as much one on one mentoring as the individual needs.

Our Father's Day Package includes:
90 Days of Live Training (2 hours per day online M-F)
1 Weekly Group Workshop (2-3 hours each)
Lifetime Ownership of our Proprietary Indicator Set
Unlimited Access to the System Developers
Unlimited Access to our Video Library (over 800 hours)
Access to our Weekly Trading Zones
Private Mentoring and Tutoring at no additional cost.

After the initial 90 days, if Dad wants to continue with all the above because he enjoys the companionship and camaraderie, we do that too for a minimal monthly maintenance fee.

In honor of all the Dads, we've put together not only some extra special bonuses, but we've done something very special with the price as well. Here's the good news, if he isn't ready to start learning just yet, we have gift certificates that can be redeemed at a future date. Also, financing is available to those who qualify.

Talk to your brothers and sisters, everyone might want to pitch in and ask them to come to the webinar with you.

Come to our webinar Saturday morning!
10am EDT

Our educational program is totally "hands-on" even though it's all online. We've created a methodology which is dynamically robust, but simple to learn. Whatever Dad has an interest in -
#Gold #Bonds #SP500 #Indices #Soybeans #Crude and more...

We teach one method that will allow him to trade any market, even #Stocks and #ETF 's if he prefers. Call us today so we can tell you everything the CFRN Father's Day Package offers.

You can talk to Leslie @ 866-928-3310 or Michael @ 949-42-EMINI.

Ties and After Shave? Chances are you've been there and done that.

This is an opportunity to turn his Golden Years into Golden Years. Don't get me wrong, young Dad's too, will light up like a Christmas Tree when you show them the investment you made in their future. Call or email us and make an investment in your loved ones future.

866-928-3310 / 949-42-EMINI / a voice mail)

Trading's not easy, but it can be simple.

Of course you're concerned about the risk. Good! You should be. We practice aggressive risk management and we'll start Dad in the Simulator until he's ready to trade real money. Then we keep him on a tight leash. Until he really proves himself, with our method the most he'll ever lose on any trade is $100. However, the upside potential is unlimited. Call us today and let us answer all your questions.

Come to our webinar Saturday morning!
10am EDT

When we're done, your beautiful 81/2' X 11" certificate will be emailed and all you have to do is print and frame.

Father's Day's not Easy, but it can be SIMPLE!

Act fast and make this the Father's Day he'll never forget!