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Soybeans - Tradings Greatest Secret / Friday Open House

Every day on the Radio and in the Live Trading Room I tell you that the only secret in trading is that "There is NO Secret". OK.... maybe just 1.

Now don't tell anybody or it won't be a secret. Ok? (lol)

I can sum up #Soybeans in one word - AWESOME!

They pay $50 per penny of movement just like the S&P 500 Emini pays $50 per point. 1 point in the ES has 4 ticks, 1 penny in the Beans has 4 ticks as well.

Soybeans - Mystery Solved

The trading day is shorter, volatility is, well.... AWESOME and if you thought only Farmers could trade grains, you might be missing out on one of the greatest trading opportunities available to the active trader. While they pay the same as the S&P, they are nowhere as tricky. This is a great market for the beginner and the pro.

We Day Trade the Beans every day in our Live Emini Trading Room. We also issue Trading Alerts on our Google Plus Page, Check out our latest blog post and then go check out the recap for August so far on the Beans.

Once you read that, I'm pretty sure you will want to know how that's possible. Well, my best suggestion is to come take our 5 Day Free Trial in our Live Emini Trading Room. No CC required, no obligation, just a desire to become a better trader.

If you need a second chance, just ask by hitting Reply on this email.

That's all there is to it. See you at the bell!


Friday Open House - You Are Invited

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