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Emini Live Trading Room Open House Today

|Includes: DIA, Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ), SPY
Live Training Room Open House Today! You're invited.

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Live Emini Open House Today

9:30am EST / Friday 03/10/17

Room Opens TODAY @ 9:30am EST

And yes, you're invited.

Live Training Room Access

Password: professional

Tuesday night we emailed our subscribers

to consider Shorting Crude GCLJ7

@ 52.70. On the initial drop the market made

$400 per contract available.

On the 2nd trigger the market made

$2,650 available "per contract".

On Wednesday evening we emailed a suggestion

to be Short Crude @ $49.90.

The initial drop was well over $1k per contract.

Those who have been through our Mentoring Program,

or who listen to our daily radio broadcast

(now in our 2nd decade),

know important prices and important areas

are almost always tested.

The 2nd test and drop occurred in the half hour

before the opening bell on Thursday March 09, 2017.

On that drop the market also made more

than $1k per contract available.

We never Buy the Low or Sell the High.

Our strategy is designed to simply

take a bite out of the middle.

High Probability

Low Risk

Aggressive Risk Management

Some call it boring.

Some say it's repetitive.

Others say there's no


Perfect. We've accomplished our mission.

During the Open House today...

We encourage you to ask questions while

we trade and we'll answer every question

asked, to the best of our ability.

If your question scrolls by

before we can answer it.

No worries!

Just "Copy and Paste" your question

back into the box. It notifies us this is

the 2nd Time. (ouch) We feel bad.

That's OK. We never intentionally

ignore a question. Please keep asking

until you get an answer. Period.

Log in here

Password: professional

No one can see what you type

except Michael and I.

Please don't be shy.

We never judge you.

We just want you to

understand how simple

our strategy really is.

If you agree our strategy is so simple

a cave man could do it, and you haven't taken

a trial in the past 6 months, we

invite you to join us for 5 days next week.

No Obligation!

Use the link above for today's

Open House and the link below

for all next week.

If you take the trial,

Watch us trade

while you ask questions.

For an entire week.

2 hours per day

for the next 5 trading days.

We'll even let you

use our Indicators.

They work on Ninja, dtPro,,

or any Broker that

clears through

Gain Capital.

Need a Platform too?

We gotcha' covered.

Gain is huge

so that's a lot of

Platforms where you

can use our

Really Simple Strategy.

Need Help? Have Questions?

Call 949-42-EMINI

When you log in and see 5 screens,

don't freak out.

We're not trying to teach you

to trade 5 markets at once.

We're teaching you 1 Simple Trade,
you can use any time,

in any market.

Even beyond the 5.

Now admit it - that's cool!

See you @ 9:30am EST.

We offer other trials

as well...

One Trade A Day

Concierge Trade Alerts

Our Radio Show starts 30
minutes after the room closes.

Join us @ 12 noon sharp!

Live Charts
Lively Discussion
Special Guests
even the weather!

You only need to register once

for the entire month of March.

No Cost for the Radio - EVER!

You can also listen to just the

Audio Stream

from our home page and many

3rd party apps. 24/7

Apple / Android / Stitcher / YouTube

We got you covered!

Don't Trade and Drive!

Change Your Thinking -

Change Your Trading -

Change Your Life

Receive the

"Greatest Trading Book"
ever written

just for attending today.

Be sure to ask for the special link

at the end of the show.

No Bootleg PDF Garbage!

This is a 100% Bonafide Link.

The writer, my friend

"Mark Douglas"

is deceased now,

but you still get the

Greatest Trading Book

ever written and his wife

still gets her royalty.

Yet you pay - Zero.

How cool is that?

The only way to make this any cooler is:

Bring a friend!

(they get a book too)

Attending the Open House or Trial,

signifies you have read and understand

all CFTC Disclosures and CFRN Disclaimers


Trading without a proper education is

a tragedy waiting to happen.

You'll have traffic backed up all the way to

the Stack. Don't do it.

Don't go it alone.

If you don't get an education from us,

please get one some where.

Please email any questions to

or just give us a call -


Nobody likes voicemail,

but if you leave a message,

we WILL call you back.

See you at 9:30am EST.


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