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Live Emini Open House Today


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Open House Friday today 9:30 to 11:30am EDT 

Live Training Room Access

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If we run our of seats, there is overflow seating at 

You must wait for the room to open before you can log in. YouTube, once you get there, just click LIVE.

If you're already a Partner... invite somebody.

If you're not a Partner, invite 2 people.

If you think this is so we can show you some new fangled trick, setup or Indicator, whatever gets you here.(lol)

Truth is, if the last time you dropped in was 4 years ago, you're gonna catch us doing the exact same thing. Same Indicators, same Time Frame, same Set-Up, nothing has changed. Not true exactly. 

I'm a little older and perhaps more bitter, but Michael, still solid as a rock.

So why would you want to see the same thing you saw 4 years ago. Think about it...

Most Traders have "been back to the drawing board" 10 times or more in the past 4+ years. The rest just couldn't blow out any more accounts and so they've left the field. Our core community? Still here. Still grinding it out. Some days it takes one trade to hit the goal and some days it takes 10. Like I said, nothing has changed.

Maybe you have. Have you? Are you tired of "going back to the drawing board"? Running from room to room? Kissing the ring of the Guru only to learn you know more than he (or she) does? So stop the madness. We may not be the fastest gun in town. Or the tallest, yet we've been doing basically the same thing for over a decade and EXACTLY the same thing for almost 5 years. It ain't sexy, it just works.

No one may write a book or call us Wizards, but history will remember us as the guys who hunkered down, figured out how the markets work, and decided it was nothing more than a business of probabilities. That was equal to the discovery of oxygen. When we show up each day we simply take our definable edge (same one as last time you were here), take a deep breath and then put on and take off trades until we reach our daily goal. 

Our emotions? We tie 'em up out back to a tree. So should you. If you're still trying to out smart, out run, out think, or worst of all "beat the market", that's a slow and painful way to go. Why not throw your hands up in the air like you just don't care, learn the definable edge we use and just work it. Work it, then rinse and repeat the next day. No Fur Coat, no Gold Tooth, no Ferrarri, but you can find something more precious than Gold... that my friend is peace of mind. 

Want Some?

I'll be watching for you at 9:30am EDT.

Training Room hours are 9:30 - 11:30am EDT M-F. (except US holidays)

You will only need to register once for the entire week.

Live Training Room Access

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Come one, come all to the Trader's Ball... where Trading's Not Easy, But It Can Be Simple!

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