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In Memory - Lawrence G. Olson

|Includes: Santa Fe Gold Corp. (SFEG)

It has been humbly said by many men including Sir Isaac Newton, that their ability to achieve greatness was only made possible because they stood on the shoulders of giants. A naturally curious mind might then be led to ask "By what method did these giants acquire their great stature?"

Today I share with you a secret known only by a few;
they stood on the shoulders of Lawrence G. Olson.

My heart is heavy, the sky is cloudy, and the beauty of the rose is obscured by the thorn as I mourn the passage of a man after Gods own heart.

A man who wore many labels over the course of his life -

  • Father
  • Husband
  • Brother
  • Pioneer
  • Captain of Industry
  • Champion of Hope
  • Servant to the Widow and Fatherless

Yet the label I shall remember him by above all of others, is that of Friend.

Lawrence G. Olson was my friend. He was a Believer, a man of great faith, a man who loved Jesus and served mankind. The label of friend is most important to me, for perhaps a less than obvious reason to most.

When a man is as kind and decent and generous and noble as Larry Olson, the whole world rushes to call him friend. This term of endearment is especially precious to me not because I considered him my friend, but because he chose to call me friend.

The world will never be the same without him, but it will always be a better place because of him. Rest in peace Larry as we all labor together to lift up your memory and carry on the work you so selflessly began.

Lawrence G. Olson
One of the Great Ones

Disclosure: I am long OTCPK:SFEG.