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Top Shelf Tweets: Gold Lease Rates,ECB Repo,Fitch Downgrades,Kyle Bass,Precious Metals Outlook

BretRosenthalDec 19, 10:38am via HootSuite

Gold lease rate 12 almost at its high of the year just over +0.4% And short term rates are normalizing.Gold Bullish…

BretRosenthalDec 19, 10:30am via HootSuite

The European death spiral explained…

BretRosenthalDec 19, 10:28am via HootSuite

“European govt’s nationalize bks and use ECB repos to buy their bonds via the nationalized bks”

BretRosenthalDec 16, 12:48pm via HootSuite

Fitch Places Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland and Cyprus on Rating Watch Negative. MKTs sell off. But this is expected so….

BretRosenthalDec 16, 12:49pm via HootSuite

….Volatility will continue with ever new story bullish or bearish but don’t expect the downgrade news to be of lasting importance.

BretRosenthalDec 16, 12:47pm via HootSuite

15 Golden Insights From Hedge Fund Fiduciary Kyle Bass… via @clusterstock

BretRosenthalDec 16, 9:49am via HootSuite

Gold Oversold and “Buying Opportunity” as “Protection Against Currency Debasement”

BretRosenthalDec 15, 11:52am via HootSuite

Mutual fund withdrawals on pace to be the second- highest year in two decades

BretRosenthalDec 15, 10:54am via twitterfeed

Precious Metals Outlook: The Effect of Negative Gold Lease Rates: As Negative Gold Lease Rates Collapse, The Gol…

BretRosenthalDec 15, 10:53am via HootSuite

The correlation of S&P 500 companies to gains or losses in the index increased to a record 0.86 last month

BretRosenthalDec 15, 10:50am via HootSuite

Dow swings between intraday highs and lows averaged 126.49 points this year (SPX) through July. Since Aug. 1 they averaged 261.22 points.

BretRosenthalDec 15, 10:49am via Facebook

VIX increased to a record 191.59 on Oct. 31, above the 92.56 median over the past decade and surpassing the prior…

BretRosenthalDec 14, 11:57am via HootSuite

Fed’s Bernanke to brief Senate Republicans on impact of European debt crisis:

BretRosenthalDec 13, 11:12am via HootSuite

US$ approaching highs of Oct 4th and year. Not good for Mkts. Of course wait a few min. and a new rumor could change the direction

BretRosenthalDec 13, 9:51am via HootSuite

Spike in commodity markets being attributed to rumor of Fed hinting at QE 3 today. Careful just a rumor wait 10 min and rumor could change

BretRosenthalDec 12, 10:07am via twitterfeed

New That Moves Markets: Europe’s Gold Leasing Program & the “Flim-Flam” Euro Treaty: Understanding Recent Gold W…