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SIGN petition and SEND letter to your elected official (auto creation with ability to edit and personalize):

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NoLabels 12 Point Reform

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Silver jumps 6.6%.Largest since 11/24/08 – over three years ago

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Presenting 2011’s Top 10 Most Corrupt American Politicians

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There Is No Joy In Muddlethroughville: World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Is Bearish For 2012 Through 2028, And Is Long Gold

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“You’ve got insolvent banks supporting insolvent sovereigns and insolvent sovereigns supporting insolvent banks” Welcome to 2012!

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aud/usd is leading uad/jpy carry which is leading the equity mkts higher

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Guest Post: Words and Phrases We Hope Not To See Or Hear In 2012: Courtesy ZeroHedge: Via Peter Tchir of TF Mark…

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Shanghai…+1.2%. Investment idea 2012 China. Contrarian view and you will be on the side of China Central Bank as a new easing cycle begins

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Metals & Mining complex with early rel. strength: GDX, GDXJ, JJC, SLV, GLD all outperform. Happy New Year!!

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Marc Faber:2011 most volatile year on record. 38 lopsided volume days this yr vs 28 for the whole decade 1997-2006.

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LTRO = Money Printing = QE: The Facts Made Simple: How Gold, Silver And Platinum Will Respond To ECB’s Money Pri…

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Google + info

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Precious Metals Outlook: Fed vs. ECB “The Correlation Of 2012″ And What It Means For Gold: Guest Post: Courtesy …

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MF Global’s creditors can’t put their private interests ahead of customers – CFTC lawyers. This story is what MKTs need to hear….

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…MFG resolution / customer protection stories are bullish for commodities. By the time trustee findings released MKTs will have bottomed

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The Fed vs The ECB – Presenting “The Correlation Of 2012″ And What It Means For Gold

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QE3: The ECB has injected a whopping €500 billion in the past 6 months, or more than the Fed did in all of QE2!

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QE3:Currency debasement has been going on feverishly, if behind the scenes, for the past 6 months = Gold Bullish