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Top Shelf Tweets:Weak Economic Numbers, Dovish Ben Bernanke, Massive Chinese Gold Buying,The End Of The Petrodollar,US Bank Credit Curves Improve

RT @zerohedge: Yup: the revisions are here: New Orders down from 57.6 to 54.8, Employment from 55.1 to 54.8. NFP to be revised lower next

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January Consumer Confidence 61.1 vs consensus; December 64.8 Econ #s weak explains Ben B. Dove comments last week.

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PMI figures released to a limited group 3 min before public release,explains mkt move prior to 9:45 official release.Isn't that inside info?

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Silver Surges 21% in January - Silver Demand Is "Diminishing A Supply Surplus"

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Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold? - Forbes #china#chinese #gold #goldprice#goldprices

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Chinese 'Gold Rush' -Year of Dragon First Week Sees Record Sales- Up 49.7%:

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Third Aircraft Carrier Group Coming To

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RT @GoldCore: Is the bell tolling for the current London Metal Exchange? -

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MJ Credit Guru: US bank credit profiles would dramatically improve further if it became apparent that…

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…the VOLCKER rule and the recent regulatory overreach was going to be walked back.

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Some 500,000 barrels arrive in Europe every day from Iran, with southern European countries consuming most of it….

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…Greece is the most exposed, receiving a third of all its oil imports from Iran. Can it get any worse for Greece?

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Must listen to This Interview!!

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Chinese 'Gold Rush' -Year of Dragon First Week Sees Record Sales- Up

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RT @zerohedge: Everything You Need To Know About Europe In Three

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RT @zerohedge: Biggest Week For Gold In 3 Months

Months After The MF Global Bankruptcy, We Find That $1.2 Billion (Or More) In Client Money Has "Vaporized"

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RT @zerohedge: Obama will punish mort servicers for fraudclosure, at the same paying them incentives to lower mort principle.Banana republic

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Q4 GDP +2.8%, Exp 3.0%

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China gold imports reached a record of 102 tons in November 2011, 50% of the world's production on an annualized basis

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Guest Post: The Demise of the Petrodollar by Casey Daily Dispatch

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CDX IG17 Index is now trading at the tightest spread since its Sept 2011 launch

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Ben "won't think of hypothetical situations in the future" Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what this whole speech is about?

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RT @WSJ: Romney made $21.7 mln in 2010 and $20.9 mln in 2011, beating out the bosses of BofA and Goldman Sachs. Is that a bad thing?

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Being a successful business man is not a crime….

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…Why don't we just hand the country over to a mentally disturbed homeless person who lives out of a shopping cart….

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…This person will have paid no taxes have no income and if we are lucky will be saddled with debt….

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…Will that put an end to all this leftist innuendo?