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Comprison of with other trading websites



1. Most if not all of the other trading courses out there have many instructors, each with their own style and niche strengths and weaknesses, and they sometimes contradict each other leaving you confused as to whom to follow, trying to work out on your own...whom is right and who is wrong . You are left with so much 'interesting' information on trading some of which is conflicting, and the net result is that you can't trade profitably or consistently. We only have one trader to learn from, and one simple methodology covering different trade set-ups all taught by the one and only...Zach!

2. Other trading courses out there have multiple tracks and levels to achieve or do, each one costing you more and more, starting from $3,000 upwards - for each one! I recently spoke to someone who spent $17,000 on trading courses - with one 'trading education' company - and he's not anywhere near consistently profitable! We charge one simple subscription of $99 per month! It can be cancelled at any time!

3. In return for that $99 per month you get Trade alerts - When and what to buy and when to sell it - you can follow Zach in real time as he trades the US markets. (Trades are open for multiple days or weeks, so you can stick with your day job! No need to be glued to your screen!). Each trade alert is accompanied by a short 5 min video telling you the reasons for the trade. Once you've seen the different trade set-ups multiple times over the course of a year (they all repeat very often), you will be doing this in your sleep!

4. Also included in that $99 per month is access to a library of CONCISE tutorial videos which get straight to the point and teach you ONLY what you need to know. Many courses out there feature long winded videos which tire you out, and ultimately just ramble on about stuff which ain't gonna help you make money! They often do this to constrain you into thinking you need to tap into their 'vast' knowledge pool to become successful, thus keeping you signing up for one course after another!

5. At we believe that the real learning comes from our trade alerts - the more you see with you own eyes LIVE (again trades take multiple days or weeks to play out) so you do not need to be glued to your screen!

6. We teach how to trade straight forward options, which means your risk is defined, which means you don't need to worry about unforeseen movements like in the currency market, which can blow you out of your position for a BIGGER LOSS than you anticipated. With the options trading we do, you cannot lose more than what you invest in the position, (so you only ever invest what you're willing to lose) yet still are able to make potentially big, and even sometimes spectacular gains. This also means you do not need to invest a lot of money to make respectable or meaningful gains!

7. We publish Zach's track record - One trader, one track record Trading with Zach's track record | Trading with Zach Other trading websites often do not disclose their trades publicly. What have they got to hide?

8. Zach has been around many of the other trading websites, and knows what they do badly - hence is a fresh.

9. At we do not do day trading, which means the trading environment is considerably less stressful for you, which means you learn faster, because you are not stressed. Simply follow Zach's trades in real time over the course of several days or weeks. It means you still have a life!

10. There are almost 5000 stocks to trade! In all market conditions there is always something going up, and always something going down. We can trade the best setups only as we are spoilt for choice! - In the currency markets there are only a handful of currency pairs that you can realistically trade! - That means you are FORCING trades when nothing much is happening in the currency world! Forcing trades means losses!

Now stop wasting your time and money on other courses!

Come over to and let Zach show you the way for just $99 per month! What have you got to lose?...

One or two months subscription?