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05/17/2013 Week In Review

05/17/13 Week In Review Postponed - but check this out!

Welcome back readers. We know you're expecting this week's Week In Review, especially since it is an expiration day, but the review will be postponed until Monday afternoon. At that time we will go over the conclusion of our strategies that are ending in May, and look at how to move forward with them, if at all.

In the meantime, we want to introduce the more involved investors among you to a relatively underused method of analysis called Fusion Analysis. It is a method of combining fundamental, technical, behavioral, and quantitative analysis techniques into a comprehensive method of investing. While the method is not anything new, there are still very few investors and funds that decide to mix these disciplines together - most decide to focus on either fundamentals, technicals, or other more exotic criteria in order to find investments. The Fusion method may be quite involved due the numerous disciplines required to apply it effectively, we believe it can be effective for the investors willing to take the time to apply it in a manner suitable for them. We have always believed a comprehensive approach to investing will end up being more beneficial as compared to a more narrowly focused view. One of the leaders of this approach is John Palicka, CFA, CMT. His book, Fusion Analysis, goes into detail about the methods of combining these analysis methods, and provides case studies to better educate the reader. Take a look at this introduction to Fusion Analysis he wrote for the "Technically Speaking" news letter back in 2005.

So if you're looking for something to tide you over for the weekend, we recommend taking a peak at the introduction, and if you're more interested in the method, to give the book a shot. We'll be back on Monday with a day packed full of Covered Call Strategies.

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