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$OWCP: Beyond 1,000% Gains Could Absolutely Happen By End Of Year

|Includes: OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OWCP)

I've been following OWC Pharmacuetical Research Corp ($OWCP) since October 2016. They've had a tremendous run since then, but it remains my strong opinion that they're capable of 1,000% and beyond -- by end of year, even.

The current share price is $0.88 and that puts the Market Value around $128 million. (Source:

OWCP has stated in a couple SEC-filed documents that their first product, a Cannabis-based Topical Cream for the treatment of Psoriasis, should launch in Q3 2017. The final study results should be published soon, but the preliminary results were reported as very promising (up to 70% improvement). In fact, they'll be working on a different variation of this cream for various other skin conditions and disorders. (Source: 8K from April 8th, 2017)

In addition to that, we can likely expect to see their already-developed Sublingual Tablet hit the market by end of year -- starting off with a focus on Fibromyalgia. This is a great medical marijuana alternative for patients who can't or don't want to smoke. Administering medical marijuana this way also provides a consistent and accurate dosage.

At this point, OWCP would have more products on the market than GWPH -- which has a Market Cap of around $2.9 Billion with just shy of $14 million revenue and a loss of over $82 million. (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

For OWCP to have a Market Cap of $2.9 Billion, considering the share structure difference, OWCP would be trading at $20 per share.

Now let's talk about the fact that OWCP had done an In-Vitro study for Multiple Myeloma where their recent 10K (Page 4) stated, "The results indicated a 100% mortality rate of myeloma cells in 80% of the cultured cells within a 24 to 48-hour period, and highlight the potential abilities of cannabis oil extract to fight multiple myeloma cancer cells."

Yesterday, May 3rd, they issued a PR talking about the next phase of the study would be completed within Q3 2017.

Considering the pipeline and various (seemingly strong) possibilities, I just don't see why OWCP won't rise to GWPH's level by end of year -- if they do, in fact, report just as promising of results and are granted Orphan Drug Status with FDA Fast Track.

I'm an open minded person, so if you disagree -- please, let me know.

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