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10 Online Fundraising Best Practices For Nonprofit


The online giving technology was launched in late 1990’s and since then the NGOs have learned through the process of trial and error. They have slowly been able to grow

They have slowly been able to grow their donor database online.

The year 2016 showed a strong growth in online donations.

Digital giving continues tooutpace the growth of overall giving.

The following easy fundraising best practices will help you to keep your nonprofit moving forward.

 Know digital fundraising trends

In 2016, the total digital giving increased 1% on a year-over-year basis. Large nonprofits grew by 1%; medium nonprofits increased 1.7%; and small organizations experienced flat growth compared to 2015.

Online giving grew 7.9% in 2016. Large nonprofits grew by 6.3%; medium nonprofits grew 11.4%; and small organizations grew 8.1% on a year-over-year basis.

Online fundraising reached a record high in 2016. About 7.2% of total fundraising revenue, excluding grants, was raised online. Donors are shifting to digital giving.

About 17% of online transactions were made through mobile devices in 2017.


Prominently feature a “Donate” button on every page of your website

Make it easy to give. Add a large and colourful “Donate” button to every page of your website and blog. Place the button in the same place on every page on your website. The color of the button should be bold and related to your site’s basic color scheme to ensure that visitors can immediately see and click the button.

 Use a premium donation service

To maximize digital giving, your donation pages should have design and branding, mobile compatibility, tribute and monthly giving options, and more.

Other options are: peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, database integration, event registration and ticketing, online stores, and advocacy.

Online Donation tools: Fundly, Classy, GiveCentral, Network for good, FirstGiving, Razoo, 100+ tools.

Optimize your “Thank You” process

Set up a “Thank You” page to optimize the post click experience. Redesign your Thank You landing page and emails; as it generally lacks interesting content.

You can add visual calls-to-action to motivate your donors to take further action on the behalf of your organization. Make them action-oriented, use persuasive content, and include strong visuals.

Your Thank You emails should include your nonprofit’s legal name and address, the donation amount, your nonprofit’s EIN* for tax purposes, your nonprofit’s branding, a pitch to follow on social networks, and a thank you video.

Create graphics for social media

Millennials prefer to give mostly by social media. Create a series of donation impact graphics for social networks. Work with graphic images for your special fundraising campaigns and year-end fundraising campaigns.

Create #GivingTuesday (a global day of giving) graphics.

Use Canva to design awesome social media graphics.

Launch a monthly giving campaign

Your donors won’t magically wake up for your monthly donations program. You need to successfully launch your monthly giving campaigns to keep your donors’ enthusiasm going. Get creative with your campaign, show impact, and promote your program on your website, blogs, social media, print media, and in email newsletters and thank your monthly donors.

“Monthly donors give an average monthly gift of $52 ($624 per year), and give 42% more over one-year than one-time donors.”

Enable a tribute giving

Setting up an online tribute fund is a wonderful way to raise money. It allows donors to make tribute gifts like birthday, wedding, and holiday gifts in honour of a friend, family member, or a beloved one. Promote your tribute fund programs on your site, blogs, print and social media.


Crowdfunding is a better way to raise money with donations from a large number of people. It’s being touted as the most valuable tool for easyfundraising for charities.

Online crowdfunding happens through websites that allow sponsors to post content, and even pictures of their projects and causes to attract donations. These posts can be shared easily via social media networks. With this, nonprofits can reach a much more diverse audience than a regular audience.

Participate in giving days

Great way to acquire new donors!

Participating in giving days incorporate your nonprofit into a greater community. It can be an extremely worthwhile experience for your charity. You can easily discover, and connect with like-minded associations.

According to Kimbia, past Giving Days have yielded 20% to 60% new donors for participating non-profits.

Create fundraising events and campaigns [DR1] around your cause and giving days. Be very active on social networks, promote your powerful activities, and ask to give.

Embrace new easyfundraising tools

It’s time to Go Digital, now! Mobile and digital wallet payments are going to make a big impact in 2017.

Allow you donors to give on the go. Optimize your website for mobile fundraising. Responsive designs double giving on mobile devices. Make it easy for your donors to experience, share, and give to your cause intuitively on any device. The giving process should occur on one page to maximize online donations.

In the rapid rise of app economy, mobile giving apps are a game-changer to easyfundraising online. These apps are more sustainable and have long-term appeal to contributors.

Use social fundraising to reach new donors. Sign up for Facebook Fundraisers and google for nonprofits.

Whether you are a new to nonprofit work, you can convert visitors to donors using the best fundraising practices. Careful planning, successful implementation, and healthy relationship with donors will help you to get the biggest payoff for your non-profit.