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Facebook might be nearer to an offer for sale - How social business would be done..

 “It’s too early to say”. “The jury is still out” and “It’s difficult to tell” because things are not so easy. But in the running popularity wars of Facebook and Twitter, while Twitter catches up on its share of traffic, it has to be said that Facebook is reflecting maturity. Notwithstanding a lot of bull from personal users who have been long time facebook fans, Facebook managed to roll out changes which reduced the functionality gap between itself and twitter and while both have now made their pages more manageable by tweaking ‘lists’ and other such, Facebook’s early advertising revenues have also given it some ‘moral strength’ and some ‘freshness of ideas’.

Facebook has kicked off the non advertising led era of brand reputation management, product launches and the knowledge era for brands and products everywhere with a very simple proposition. It is going to cost you a packet and you are doing it because you are getting what you want. In effect, you choose your specific segments of Facebook users from healthcare users to premium hotel services user or even mothercare and feminine hygiene product users and instead of just paying for banal advertising , you pay for engaging the consumers. First off, you would pay $10K and $30K for holding contests and while basic pages remain free, Facebook will control both look and performance. More details here Also, all these launches coming without fanfare is a step in the right direction as information economy holds and knowledge is at a premium. Also, as more than 40 million users spend 30 minutes and more on the site, they will soon start allocating more time to stay in touch. All in all, another far thinking proposition which seems to have outlasted its detractors in the last 2-3 years. Are things looking up for Twitter?

P&G, Pepsi and even those with primarily domestic markets in the USA like Kraft and the sports brands will definitely find this a paying proposition and not to denigrate advertising but at a much more premium and effective brand value than two-bit clicks and CTRs

This is not a part of the FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER series 19/800 esp. not the part where “facebook wins”, just one of those things we started, socially!