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Darkness Coming Our Way!

- In our lifetimes, I feel strongly in my heart that we're in for bad times. If you look at the period of 1900-1945. During that time, you had WWI, WWII, the Great Depression, the Spanish Flu pandemic (which killed tens of millions,, and other bad times. Since 1945, the world really hasn't gone through terrible times with maybe the exception of the AIDS epidemic and some bad wars in Africa (which you are probably a lot more familiar with).

Now, our situation is:

- the U.S. has more debt than we can possibly pay off.

- the only reason that our economy is sustaining itself now is that the Federal Reserve has created trillions out of thin air. You can't make money out of thin air, or else we'd have done it all the time.

- the largest bulk of our population is aging to an age where they will produce little and consume a lot

- America is on the decline

- China will challenge America eventually

- America doesn't quickly implement smart changes to society

- global climate change is accelerating

- the world population is ballooning beyond what can be sustained, especially in bad times.

- nuclear weapons are spreading

- we are overdue for a major natural disaster or pandemic disease

There are positives:

- new technology changes very quickly

- limitless energy (I don't buy into "peak oil")