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I will sell all my US Dollars Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers talked about US dollars while he was attending the China International Financial Services Conference (CIFSC) held in Guangzhou on September 10, 2009.Rogers believes that the last 50 years is U.S. government's journey into a huge debt and the U.S. government's decision-makers are still repeating this mistake.legendary investor Jim Rogers has warned for many years, like Peter Schiff and Marc Faber, that the United States economy is in total decline and that Asia is the land to put your money.Co-founder of the Quantum Fund and creator of Rogers International Commodities Index, Jim Rogers, told attendees at the China International Financial Services Conference CIFSC held in Guangzhou last week that he will sell all United States dollars, according to People’s Daily Online. For years now, Rogers has been telling media outlets and investors that he wants to get completely out of the US dollar and put his money in other sound currencies. Rogers went on to say that the last 50 years the US government has taken a dive into astronomical debt and the each administrations continues to make the same mistakes.