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Indian Stock Market


Probable Forecast

In Context to Indian Stock Market,

Mainly consist Nifty and Bank Nifty and my views based on Nifty for this time. 

In brief, My observation is Indian Market is going to influenced by global market and can see downside for 2-3 months till September-October with huge percentage of fall.It will start this second week and the range of market upside is at its ceiling.September is good position where bears get in comfort zone or before can also.

Nifty is going to see only 100-150 points upside in rare case but it will not help out Nifty anyways it will definitely a situation where all seems to be bulls but the condition of market is not favorable for Indian Market due to global uncertainty and will drag market in forthcoming months and seems to correct 10-15% for Nifty.

I am hopeful to get this downfall prediction going to be correct in coming days.

Disclosure: I am/we are short INDY.

Additional disclosure: I am newcomer in market and this blog contains my views only hence, trade accordingly as per discretion.